Is the ice ready yet?

Did you remember to check the ice machine?

Do you think we made enough ice for tomorrow’s event?

Reliable ice delivery in Los Angeles can ensure you never have these stressful thoughts ever again. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, cafe or are hosting a private party, ice is one of those seemingly mundane things that becomes a real problem when you don’t have access to it.

In the Los Angeles heat, nothing beats a cool drink served with ice. For events, ice keeps drinks and food items cold in coolers. For restaurants and bars, ice is an integral part of your product. The stress surrounding having enough ice ready for customers and guests is real as soon as you realize you’ve just served up the last of your ice. Save yourself hassle with a reliable ice delivery. Here are just some of the hassles you’ll avoid:

1. The Ice Run

With a reliable ice delivery, you can order the amount you need, and even request an emergency delivery when you’re running low. This avoids the common solution of sending one of your precious staff out on an ice run. Let’s face it, when you need to do an ice run, it’s likely that your event or business is packed. That means you can’t spare staff to send someone out on an ice run in order to keep things going.

What’s worse is that although ice may be readily available at a convenience store nearby, you won’t be sure about the quality of the ice. With a reliable ice company on your side, you’ll avoid the whole bundle, the run and sub-par ice.

Finally, if you do the ice run yourself, it’s not likely that you have a vehicle that’s outfitted for transporting ice. In the LA heat, this could mean that a good portion of your ice arrives melted during the transport. Then, when you refreeze it by placing it in your ice machine, it will be chunky, again causing a quality issue.

2. Customer Discontent

When you run into trouble with your ice supply, you’ll face customer discontent over several issues. If you run out of ice altogether, you’ll have to serve room temperature drinks, drinks without ice or simply put all drinks on hold. This is not ideal and your customers won’t be happy.

Alternatively, if you send someone out for ice, your customers will be lacking service. They’ll be unhappy because there isn’t enough staff to attend to them.

And finally, even when you bring the ice back and get things going again, it’s likely that the ice you are able to get won’t meet their expectations. Poor ice quality makes drinks look and taste bad.

3. The Preparation

Your business or home may be bursting with ice that’s been stored up over several days, preparing for the big weekend rush or a large event. This wastes time and space. Alternatively, you have to go out yourself before the event and purchase the ice, wasting your time and skills when you have a million other things to be doing to prepare.

Ice is so often taken for granted until it causes situations such as the ones described above. Avoid this whole list of hassles with a reliable ice delivery company on your side.

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