Snow Productions

Snow Productions with Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

A white Christmas in Los Angeles? Absolutely! In fact, you can enjoy a winter wonderland at any time of year. Crystal Ice specializes in creating on-site snow scenes for residences, schools, churches, commercial and civic center, and more. We have even created snow scenes for motion picture and television productions.

Our team has more than 60 years of experience working with ice in all of its forms. We have the tools and materials needed to craft a stunning scene that is sure to please. With our speedy delivery and staff ready to help maintain your winter wonderland, there is no other company to choose.

Serving the Los Angeles Area

Crystal Ice Serves the Los Angeles Area

As you have probably noticed by now, Los Angeles doesn’t get a lot of snow. However, many residents love the chance to experience it. That is why our snow productions have been so successful.

We have three ice docks in the area that we can source from, ensuring that we can produce enough ice and snow to give you the scene you need. No matter where you are located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, we can create snow productions for you.

Curious about what we can create? Schedule a consultation or come down to one of our docks so we can show you some of the snow creations we have crafted in the past. We are incredibly proud of our work and would love to share it with you.

A History of Excellence

A History of Snow Production Excellence in Los Angeles

Crystal Ice started back in 1956. At that time, we were not able to craft the elaborate snow productions we can today. Over the decades, we have worked to develop new techniques that allow us to create spectacular, enchanting scenes. And now, you get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

While we have the ability to create massive winter scenes, there is no job too small for us. No matter how large or small your snow production will be, we are here for you. All you need to do is give us a call.

About Artificial Snow

About Artificial Snow with Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

Artificial snow is created by using a pump to spray a mist of filtered water into the air inside of a freezer chamber. As the water particles hit the air, they freeze, crystallizing into snow. The first artificial snow machines were created with winter sports in mind, but now we use them for a wide variety of purposes.

Much like real snow, artificial snow can be made to have different sizes and textures of flakes. We can create big, fluffy flakes, small, hard flakes, and even wet flakes that pack down for great sporting. Speak to us about what you are looking for so we can be sure to deliver the right product for you.

The main ingredient in artificial snow is water, as you would expect. A nucleating material is also used to help everything bind properly. Compressed air is used to blow the liquid formula into the cool air and a fan is used to move the snow around so it does not freeze into a solid mass.

Here at Crystal Ice, we exercise diligent quality control. The artificial snow we produce is as good as natural snow, or even better. It is cleaner than natural snow would be and offers a beautiful, pure appearance. It is designed to last a long time and hold its shape.

Uses of Snow Productions

Uses of Snow Productions in Los Angeles

So, what are some things you can do with snow productions? In addition to enjoying the look of them, you can enjoy them just as you would natural snow. Below are some uses of our snow productions.

Snow Parties and Scenes: Thanks to the unending popularity of Frozen, snow parties and scenes are big hits at children’s birthday parties. However, even adults love these snow parties, especially those who relocated to the area and really miss the snowy season.

Sledding Hills: Ask anyone who grew up in an area with snow about their favorite wintertime activity, and sledding is bound to be the answer. Living in Southern California doesn’t mean you cannot experience this joy—all you need to do is give us a call.

Make Snowmen: You can do this for fun, as a competition, a teambuilding activity, or for another reason altogether. This is one activity that is always fun, no matter your age.

Set the Mood: There is something special about the way that winter makes you feel. With our snow productions, you can capture that no matter the temperature.

Photo Shoot: A background just isn’t enough, not in the age of social media. You need something that looks authentic. We can supply the snow and the props, you supply the winter clothes.

Events for Using Snow Productions

Events for Using Snow Productions in Los Angeles

So, now you know what you would use snow productions for, but what about when you would use them? There are many different events that can benefit from the use of snow productions. Below are just a few events we have set up our creations for.

Promotional Events and Grand Openings: When you need to grab the attention of your customers, you need to do something out of the ordinary. What could be more out of the ordinary in Southern California than snow (aside from the mountains)? We can create ramps, luges, and other winter activities that everyone can enjoy.

School Rewards: Nothing motivates children like a special reward. Why not offer them the chance to play in a winter wonderland? This is a reward that is truly unique and sure to inspire your students to do their best.

Christmas Morning: Do your kids ask about snow? Or do you have a spouse that misses snow from back home? Give them a white Christmas right here in the LA area. That will be one unforgettable holiday.

Choose Crystal Ice

Choose Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

When it comes to dry ice, or any of our ice products and services, you cannot choose better than Crystal Ice. With over six decades of experience, we can deliver the quality you deserve. With exceptional products, top-notch services, fast delivery, and professional results, Crystal Ice is the service for you.