Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures in Los Angeles

You cannot pick up an ice sculpture on a run to the local service station. When you need an ice sculpture for your business or event, you should turn to Crystal Ice. We offer every ice service you could possibly need, from 24/7 emergency ice delivery to elaborate ice sculptures.

If you are in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Crystal Ice can serve all of your ice needs. When it comes to our ice sculptures, we have true artisans on hand to craft the precise item you are looking for. From crafting the piece to placing it and preserving it, we have you covered.

While our average delivery time is 60-90 minutes from the time an order is placed, the more elaborate the sculpture, the more time we will need. Family owned and operated, and with over 60 years of experience, we provide you with the quality and attention you deserve. If you are in Los Angeles County, count on us for your ice sculpture needs.

A History of Excellence

A History of Ice Sculpture Excellence in Los Angeles

Crystal Ice has been offering ice delivery services to the Greater Los Angeles Area since 1956. Over the years, we have cemented ourselves as a true industry leader. As the years have gone by, we have added numerous products and services, making us a truly comprehensive business.

While we are proud of every product and service we offer, our ice sculptures truly stand out from the rest. We approach our ice sculptures not just as another product, but as a work of art. For more than 60 years, we have been the service Los Angeles County turns to.

What Are Ice Sculptures?

What are Ice Sculptures in Los Angeles?

In essence, ice sculptures are sculptures that use ice as the sole or primary medium. These sculptures can be extravagant or simple, realistic or abstract, functional or simply decorative. Due to their fleeting nature, they tend to be associated with formal events, but you do not need to restrict your use to such occasions.

Creating an ice sculpture means that the artist must know how to work with this delicate medium and how to control the temperature of the ice. This means that it is vital that you turn to a skilled company when commissioning one. Crystal Ice only hires talented ice sculptors who are masters at their medium.

Our Personal Touch

Our Personal Crystal Ice Touch in Los Angeles

It is important to us that you get an ice sculpture that perfectly meets your expectations. Our team will work directly with you to ensure that they fully understand what you are looking for. You can bring us a photo, a sketch you have created, or simply discuss with us so we can craft a design for you. We provide personalized service so you never feel as though you are simply another transaction; at Crystal Ice, we value you.

Uses of Ice Sculptures

Uses of Ice Sculptures in Los Angeles

There are three primary reasons ice sculptures are commissioned. Your reason for commissioning your sculpture can help us determine the correct approach to take. These three reasons are outlined below.


Decorative sculptures can be used to decorate entrance ways as centerpieces, or even used on an event stage. These pieces tend to be quite elaborate, and just as beautiful as a sculpture made from any other medium.


Ice sculptures designed for serving can be quite simple or incredibly elaborate. We offer sculptures that are basic bowls, decorative platters, or even fountains. We can also incorporate serving platforms into decorative sculptures, making the piece more interactive and impressive for the guests.

Temperature Control

While this is usually a secondary function, ice sculptures can be used to facilitate temperature control of a space.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events in Los Angeles

An ice sculpture can be the perfect touch to your corporate event. In addition to being an impressive accent, you can also use it as part of your branding. We frequently create ice sculptures of corporate logos, slogans, and more. If you have an upcoming event, speak with us about our ice sculptures.

Special Events

Special Events Ice Sculptures in Los Angeles

For weddings, birthday parties, anniversary dinners, and more, ice sculptures can really elevate the feel of the event. However, our ice carving for serving bowls and food platters are great for events both large and small. These serving sculptures help to keep food at the ideal temperature while offering a unique presentation.

Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications of Ice Sculptures in Los Angeles

If you run a restaurant or catering business, our ice sculptures can help you get a leg up on the competition. We can create large sculptures on a recurring basis as well as serving bowls and platters so your serving line has a special touch. All you need to do is set up your order and the frequency of delivery and we will have you taken care of.

Clarity and Color

Ice Sculpture Clarity and Color in Los Angeles

As a default, we use perfect, crystal-clear ice for our ice sculptures. However, we can alter the clarity to suit the look you want. We can also add colors and even LED lights to our light sculptures to give them added visual interest.

Choose Crystal Ice

Choose Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

When it comes to ice sculptures, there is no better choice than Crystal Ice. We have more than six decades of experience working with ice sculptures and other ice services, which means we are uniquely qualified to deliver the work you want. Our products are exception, and our services top-notch. For professional results, Crystal Ice is the service for you.