Special Events Ice

Special Events Ice with Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

If you are preparing to host a special event, you need to think about where you are going to get your ice. While the nearest gas station is a fine option when you are just looking to cool a few drinks at the backyard BBQ, it isn’t the way to make a good impression at your special event. So if you are looking for quality ice, who do you turn to?

If you are in the Greater Los Angeles Area, look to Crystal Ice for ice delivery. We offer all the ice services you might require, including block ice, ice sculpture, and cubes in various shapes and sizes. With 24/7 ice delivery and emergency service, we can ensure that your food bars are chilled and your drinks cooled.

Our average delivery time is just 60-90 minutes from the moment you place your order. We offer both commercial and wholesale options, depending on the volume you need to purchase. Our team can deliver up to 40,000 pounds of ice at a time, so there is no order too large for us to handle. With more than six decades of experience in the area, we are the ice delivery service you can trust.

Types of Ice

Types of Ice with Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

You might be amazed by how many different types of ice there are. No matter what type of ice you need, we are confident that we can offer it to you. Read below about some of the different types of ice we can provide for your special event.

Block Ice

Block ice refers to large blocks of ice, as you would imagine from the name. This type of ice is used to get things cold and keep them that way for a long time. If you have ever seen a genuine ice box, block ice is what it was made for. Due to it being a large, solid mass, it takes a long time to melt, and it can keep food and drink at an ideal temperature for an extended period of time.

Block ice can keep your buffet at a safe temperature, ensure that your seafood is served cold, and even allow you to keep fresh meat out safely so your guests can select their preferred cut. It can also be used in shaved ice machines, allowing you to make your event quite the special treat.

We offer our block ice in 25-pound increments, topping out at 300 pounds. We offer several levels of clarity, including Clinebell ice blocks. If you need ice blocks for any reason, we have you covered.

Ice Sculptures

If you are looking to make your special event stand out from the rest, and ice sculpture is the way to do it. We can offer you large, impressively detailed sculptures as well as small, simple pieces. The smallest ice sculpture we offer is a shot glass. The largest? Well, the sky’s the limit.

Our ice sculptors are true artists. They take a difficult, delicate medium and work it into something enchanting. We can create sculptures from photos, sketches, or create something brand-new for you. We always love a challenge here at Crystal Ice.

Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

If you have a special event, you will need to keep the drinks flowing—even if they are just soft drinks. And that means you need plenty of ice. Here at Crystal Ice, we have multiple types we can keep you stocked with.

  • Cubed Ice: Your typical, squared ice cubes, but we offer them in multiple sizes so you can get the look and cooling you want.
  • Crushed Ice: Always fun, and a quick way to cool drinks. This ice helps to give an added layer of interest to your drinks.
  • Cocktail Ice: Many cocktail recipes are specific about the type of ice you can use. We can stock you with any type you need.

No matter what type of ice you need, Crystal Ice can provide ice delivery whenever you need it.

Special Events

Special Events in Los Angeles with Crystal Ice

Here at Crystal Ice, we have helped stock many different special events. Below are just some of the different types of events we have kept supplied with ice and ice sculptures over our more than 60 years in business. Don’t see your type of event listed below? Don’t worry; we can still take care of you.

  • Holiday Parties: From Christmas parties to Valentine’s Day parties, we’ve done them all; we particularly love using dry ice for special effects on Halloween.
  • Receptions: Whether wedding receptions or receptions for other events, our ice keeps the mood light and the drinks flowing.
  • Baby Showers: Both cocktails and mocktails need ice; our specialty options ensure that your offerings feel like a real treat.
  • Civic and Commercial Functions: From fundraisers to charity events, we have you covered.
  • Work Events: Holiday parties, product launches—whatever your event is, we have the ice you need.
  • Block Parties: A Southern California classic, you need plenty of ice to beat the heat.
  • Sporting Events: Keep things cool while tailgating or ensure your concession stand is stocked; large or small, we have you covered.
  • Carnivals: Both in terms of food and drink and special effects, we can deliver the products you require.
  • Music Festivals: For cool drinks and cool effects, turn to Crystal Ice.
  • Grand Openings: Make a grand impression with our products and services.
  • Large and Long-Term Events: In addition to ice, we can provide you with on-site storage solutions, from freezer boxes and trucks to semi-tractor loads. We will make sure all is well from start to finish.

 Choose Crystal Ice for All Your Ice Delivery Needs

Choose Crystal Ice for Ice Delivery in Los Angeles

Ice blocks, ice sculptures, ice cubes, dry ice, and more—if you need it, we can offer it to you. Crystal Ice has more than six decades of experience behind us. We can ensure the quality and experience that you deserve. With fast ice delivery and professional results, it is no wonder that Southern California has long put its faith in us. When it is time for your next special event, don’t put your trust in just anyone; choose Crystal Ice.