Ice Delivery Services and Products

Ice Delivery Services and Products in Los Angeles

When it is time for your next event, don’t forget the ice. Crystal Ice offers all the ice delivery services you might need, from 24/7 emergency ice delivery to ice sculptures, and more. With an average delivery time of 60-90 minutes from the time of request, we can ensure that your event is everything you imagined it would be.

With commercial and wholesale options, and the ability to deliver up to 40,000 pounds of ice at a time, there is no order we cannot fulfill. Family owned and operated, and with more than 60 years of experience, we are truly a part of the community. If you need ice delivery services in Los Angeles County, give us a call.

Block Ice

Block Ice Products in Los Angeles

When you are looking to get things cold and keep them that way, block ice is the way to go. If you have ever seen old cartoons or movies set in the early 1900s where people had genuine ice boxes, you have an idea of what block ice is. Quite simply, block ice is a large block of ice that, due to it being a solid mass, takes a long time to melt. This makes it handy in a wide variety of situations.

Block ice can help keep cold items at a safe temperature when served buffet style. It is great for drink stations, seafood bars, and more. Since we are able to provide you with block ice of all sizes, you can also use it in your camper, when boating, or while tailgating.

We also offer block ice for bartenders and mixologists, shaved ice businesses, ice carvers, special effects companies, market vendors, and even for ice luges. You can order block ice in 25-pound increments, up to 300 pounds, and choose from different levels of clarity, including Clinebell ice blocks. If you have a need for block ice, we have you covered.

Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculpture Products in Los Angeles

Ice sculptures are the perfect way to help your event stand out from the rest. Elegant and captivating, they are sure to impress your guests. Whether you are looking to commission a large, enchanting ice sculpture, or want your serving bowls and food platters to be extra special, Crystal Ice can offer you what you need.

Our ice sculptors are true artists, able to work this difficult medium into a truly stunning piece. You can show us photos of what you are looking for, provide us with your company logo, give us a sketch for inspiration, or ask that we create something 100% original. The Crystal Ice sculptors love a challenge.

Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice in Los Angeles

When it comes to food and drinks, presentation is everything. That means that you need to have the right ice on hand to complement the drinks you serve. No matter what type of ice you need, we can supply it for your event.

Cubed Ice

These are your typical ice cubes, perfectly squared and offering plenty of cooling power. Ideal for soft drinks and most cocktails, this is a type of ice you must have on hand. We can deliver cubed ice in several different sizes, including big rocks, classic cube, and half cube

Crushed Ice

Crushed ice is a quick and easy way to make a drink look interesting. Since the size makes it easier to fill the cup, it also cools drinks quickly. The main downside is that it melts faster than cubed ice.

Cocktail Ice

Many cocktails call for a specific type of ice, whether it be shaved, crescent, gourmet, or something else altogether. If you know the drinks you wish to serve, we can provide you with the perfect ice for your menu. And if you want to have all options available, we can offer you that as well.


Clarity of Ice Products in Los Angeles

In addition to shape, clarity matters as well. We can offer you crystal-clear ice that ensures your presentation is perfection. It might seem like a small detail, but it is one that makes all the difference.

Special Events Ice

Special Events Ice in Los Angeles

When it comes to food and drinks, presentation is everything. That means that you need to have the right ice on hand to complement the drinks you serve. No matter what type of ice you need, we can supply it for your event.

Private Parties

This includes children’s birthday parties, anniversary parties, baby showers, and more. We have supplied ice for drinks, keeping food cool, and even ice sculptures.

Civic and Commercial Events

From fundraising dinners to charity events to business conventions, we ensure everyone has ice-cold drinks and a great atmosphere.

Block Parties

These are a Southern California classic, but the heat dictates that ice is a must. We love working with block parties to keep the drinks cold and the fun going.

Sporting Events

When the heat is on, our ice keeps you cool. From supplying the concession stand to keeping the team cool and ready to play, we are here to help.

Carnivals and Festivals

More than just drinks, we can provide ice sculptures and even dry ice for special effects. We will make certain your atmosphere is precisely what it needs to be.

Large and Long-Term Events

For events that will have an ongoing need for ice, we can provide on-site storage solutions, including freezer boxes and trucks as well as semi-tractor loads.

Ice Delivery

Ice Delivery in Los Angeles

For ice blocks, ice sculptures, ice cubes, and more, you cannot choose better than Crystal Ice. With more than six decades of experience, we can ensure the quality you deserve. Our products are exceptional, and our service top-notch. For fast delivery and professional results, Crystal Ice is the ideal choice.

Choose Crystal Ice

Choose Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

You don’t need to come to us; we will gladly come to you. Whether you need delivery to your home, business, or event hall, we will get it to you in a hurry. If you would prefer to pick up the ice yourself, you are more than welcome to stop by and purchase it at one of our ice dock in Los Angeles.