Block Ice

Block Ice in Los Angeles

When you need ice, where do you go? In most cases, you run to the nearest service station and pick up a bag of ice. But service stations and convenience marts cannot meet all of your needs. For example, when you need block ice, who do you turn to?

If you are in the Greater Los Angeles Area, you turn to us. Crystal Ice offers all the ice services you need, offering everything from 24/7 emergency ice delivery to large chunks of block ice. If you have a need for ice, we have the ideal solution.

Our average delivery time is 60-90 minutes from the time you place your order, so you never need to wait long. We have commercial and wholesale options and can deliver up to 40,000 pounds of ice at a time. Family owned and operated, Crystal Ice has been a member of the community for over 60 years. If you are in Los Angeles County, we can fulfill all of your ice service needs.

Serving the Los Angeles Area

Serving Los Angeles Block Ice

All customers are welcome to visit our ice docks to view our products in person, learn more about our services, and place or pick up orders. However, you only need to make the trip if you want to. Crystal Ice offers express ice delivery to wherever you need it, including your home, place of business, or event location. Our goal is to ensure that your event or business runs as smoothly as possible.

A History of Excellence

A History of Block Ice Excellent in Los Angeles

Crystal Ice got its start in 1956, and it has been a part of the Greater Los Angeles community ever since. As the years have gone by, Crystal Ice has established itself as an industry leader, building up our offering of ice products and ice delivery services, making us the company to work with for your ice needs. Commercial, wholesale, dry ice, block ice, even ice sculptures—if it involves ice, we can offer it to you.

While we have the ability to produce on a massive scale, there is no job too small for us. And whether you are a long-standing client or someone brand-new to us, you will always be given the personalized attention you deserve. For more than 60 years, we have been delivering the level of service that the area counts on. When you need an ice delivery in Los Angeles County, turn to us.

What is Block Ice?

What is Block Ice in Los Angeles

Have you ever heard the term “ice box” used? While the term isn’t so common anymore, it is something you will hear older generations say, and you might notice it when watching older films and period pieces. This is because refrigerators and freezers are fairly recent inventions; before we had them, we had ice boxes.

And that is where block ice originates. Block ice refers to large blocks of ice that can be used for refrigerating, freezing, and even ice sculptures. While they were once used to cool ice boxes and preserve food at home, they now have a wide variety of applications.
The main reason block ice is so desirable is that it is a solid mass, and that means it takes longer to melt. When compared to other forms of ice, it has the ability to last a very long time, making it the more efficient and economical choice. We offer block ice in many different sizes and levels of clarity.

Here at Crystal Ice, we produce clear, super dense, structurally sound slabs of pure ice. We can work with you to determine your specific needs and deliver the perfect block of ice to you. Whether you need it for food display, long-term cooling, or sculpting, our superior block ice will meet your needs.

Consumer Uses of Block Ice

Consumer Uses of Block Ice in Los Angeles

Just because you have never used block ice before doesn’t mean you do not have a need for it. Chances are you have many different uses for it, but never quite realized it. If you have ever needed to keep food or drinks cold, you have had a need for block ice.

Block ice is great when you are serving food buffet-style. We have consumers who use it to keep meat safe and fresh when hosting BBQs so everyone can pick exactly what they want to have grilled. There are consumers who use our block ice when camping as a transportable refrigerator, and on boats as well. It makes for the perfect serving station for seafood, lunch meats, drinks, and more.

There are also consumers who use block ice as an alternative to air conditioning. If you are looking for relief from the Southern California heat, block ice and a fan can be an affordable way to keep your space cool. Really, there are many consumer uses for block ice.

Commercial Uses of Block Ice

Commercial Uses of Block Ice in Los Angeles

Many businesses rely on block ice. We have vendors who sell at farmer’s markets that use block ice to keep their goods at a safe temperature, bartenders and mixologists who use it to create their own cocktail ice, shaved ice vendors who use our block ice in their machines, and even winter sports arenas who use it in creating luges. And since we are in Southern California, we also get plenty of studios who use it for their production effects. With our ability to fill large orders, we are the ideal ice service for commercial block ice.

Sizes, Clarity, and Colors of Block Ice

Sizes, Clarity, and Colors of Block Ice in Los Angeles

Crystal Ice offers block ice in 25 pound increments, going up to 300 pounds. We are happy to deliver multiple blocks at a time. Our block ice can be ordered at various levels of clarity, including crystal-clear Clinebell block ice. If you wish, we can add colors and other effects to the ice, giving it the look you want.

Choose Crystal Ice

Choose Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

When it comes to block ice, or any of our ice products and services, there is no company better than Crystal Ice. With more than six decades of experience behind us, we offer the quality you deserve. Our products are exceptional, our services top-notch, and with fast delivery and professional results, we simply cannot be beat. Give us a call for your ice needs.