Ice Delivery

Ice Delivery in Los Angeles

You need ice, which means it’s time to make a run to the nearest service station, right? While that might work for a small event or when it’s just you and your family at home, it isn’t the way to impress a crowd. Also, there are many types of ice that you cannot find at your local gas station. If you need dry ice, ice sculptures, block ice, or quality cubed ice, who do you turn to?

If you or your event are in the Greater Los Angeles Area, look no further than Crystal Ice. We have all your ice needs covered, including different sizes and shapes of cubed ice, ensuring that your food and drinks are impeccably presented. With 24/7 emergency ice delivery and the ability to complete large orders, we are always the right choice for you.

On average, our delivery time is between 60 and 90 minutes from the moment your order is placed. This means that even if you need ice in a hurry, you won’t need to panic. Whether you ran out during your special event or someone dropped glass in the ice during dinner rush, our emergency service has you covered. We can deliver up to 40,000 pounds of ice at once, so no matter how large your order is, we can do it.

Crystal Ice has been an integral part of the Southern California community for more than 60 years. If you, your business, or your event is in Los Angeles County, we can handle your ice delivery. All you need to do is give us a call.

A History of Excellence

A History of Excellence in Los Angeles

Crystal Ice was founded in 1956. From the very beginning, it has been family owned and operated. As the decades have gone by, we have become a vital member of the Southern California community. As our products and services grew, so did our reputation and influence. Now, we are the go-to company for ice delivery in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Crystal Ice has the ability to produce and deliver orders on a massive scale. However, there is no order that is too small for us. Regardless of how much you order or spend, you will still get the same quality production and delivery that our larger clients receive. All clients are valuable clients.

Speedy, Full-Service Delivery

Speedy Full Service Ice Delivery in Los Angeles

While you might not always need your ice in a hurry, our emergency delivery service is always here for you. Most of our orders take between 60 and 90 minutes from order to delivery, and some can be fulfilled much faster than that. Due to our presence in the area, it is never much of a drive from our dock to your location.

Our delivery is full service. That means that when our truck arrives, our delivery personnel will unload the ice and set it up where you need it. If there is special equipment or set-up needed, our delivery staff will handle that as well. Before they leave, they will double-check with you to make sure everything exceeds your expectations.

Dry Ice Delivery

Dry Ice Delivery in Los Angeles

Dry ice requires special handling, and we know that not all customers are comfortable doing it themselves. When delivering dry ice, our delivery staff will place it where you need it, and will also go over safety procedures with you. Before they go, you should feel comfortable and confident with the product.

Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice Delivery

Cube, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice in Los Angeles

We offer many different types of cube, crushed, and cocktail ice. Most types are kept ready and in-stock for emergency delivery, which means that we can deliver it to you in no time. Our delivery personnel can place the ice in your ice chests or on your display, or they can provide our own storage and display items for you to use until your event is done.

Snow Production Delivery

Snow Production Delivery

As is the case with all of our products, this includes delivery and set up. We can also offer you maintenance if needed to keep your production looking excellent as the hours go by. Set up can include a variety of items, such as ramps, luges, snowmen, and more.

Block Ice Delivery

Block Ice Delivery

Block ice is very heavy, so we will take care of the placement for you. Using special tools, we will get the ice where it needs to be. We can also help disguise the block ice with other, more attractive ice to ensure everything looks its best.

Ice Sculpture Delivery

Ice Sculpture Delivery in Los Angeles

We will use our special, refrigerated trucks to deliver the sculpture to you. Once there, we will set it up with a dry ice base to help the ice sculpture resist melting and give it the longest possible life.

On-Site Storage

On Site Storage in Los Angeles

In addition to delivering our product, we can also deliver storage units for you to use. Below are our types of storage units and the capacities per unit.

• Ice Merchandisers: 30 40 lb. bags

• 18 ft. Freezer Truck: 300 40 lb. bags

• 53 ft. Freezer Trailer: 1,000 40 lb. bags

No Contracts Necessary

On Site Storage in Los Angeles

Some ice companies require you to sign a contract for scheduled deliveries of your chosen products. At Crystal Ice, we understand how inconvenient it can be to commit your business to an agreement that doesn’t suit the changing needs of your operation. That’s why we do away with long-term contracts and feature a month-to-month delivery model. If you’re happy with your current service, we’ll continue to follow your original monthly schedule. And if circumstances change, we’ll gladly increase your order, decrease your order or halt deliveries altogether.

Choose Crystal Ice

Choose Crystal Ice in Los Angeles

No matter what type of ice you need, there is no better choice than Crystal Ice. With more than six decades of experience behind us, we can provide the quality you need. With exceptional products, top-notch service, and expert delivery, we are the perfect choice for you.