Ice and summer, summer and ice. They’re the perfect combination. When the summer heat is blistering, an ice-cold drink clinking with perfectly formed ice cubes is the ideal antidote. It’s delightful and refreshing, especially if you’re able to escape the sun under a shady tree.

Anyone planning a summer party knows that ice is part of the menu. Whether your gathering is small or large, you can take it to the next level by getting creative with your ice. Impress your guests with easy to make, but creative ice displays and inventions. By using ice creatively, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Not only will your ice creations keep things fresh, but they’ll also provide decor.

Ready to get creative? Here are 6 unique ice ideas you can use at your upcoming summer events:

1. Ice Buckets and Trays

Serve chilled wine or champagne in delightful buckets made of ice. Alternatively, serve fruit or cold cuts on ice trays. You can make these yourself without too much trouble or enlist the help of a professional ice specialist.

How can you make these? You’ll need some cheap plastic containers or trays of varying sizes and brightly colored fruit or flowers. Strawberries, roses, orange and lemon slices, cranberries and greens look gorgeous when frozen.

To create a bucket, use two buckets of different sizes. The smaller one will sit inside the larger one to create the bucket shape. First, freeze a small amount of water in the large container. Then, place the smaller container inside the larger one. Put some rocks in the bottom of the small container so it won’t float. Then, add water to the larger container and stuff in the fruit or flowers tightly. Freeze again, and you’ll soon have your bucket!

You can use a similar process to create a tray. Cake pans make great molds for creating trays. Just remember when serving to put a towel or extra pan underneath your buckets or trays to catch water as it drips.

2. The Wheelbarrow Drink Station

Roll out that rusty old wheelbarrow for your next backyard bash. Fill it with ice, beer, and soft drinks, and you’ve created the perfect drink station. You can use just about any kind of ice in the wheelbarrow. Chic and rustic at the same time, this station is a breeze for setup and cleanup.

3. Fancy Ice Cubes

Spice up your cocktails, lemonade or punch with decorative ice cubes. These fancy ice cubes are easy to make but spice up an otherwise dull drink. To make them, just add colorful fruit and flowers to your ice cube trays.

You can make flavored ice cubes that complement your drink of choice. For example, if serving iced coffee, you can make coffee ice cubes with chocolate chips. Alternatively, if serving lemonade, make your ice cubes using orange juice and decorate them with sliced strawberries. Even serve water in style by adding cucumber or lemon slices to your ice. For best results, remember to use filtered water when making the cubes.

4. Ice Shot Glasses

Purchase some ice shot glass molds, grab some embellishments and get creative! Your guests will love the effect of the ice that keeps the liquor perfectly chilled. Of course, the visual effect is also quite impressive.

Go for flavored shot glasses by making them with juice and complementing fruits. It’ll be like a popsicle to enjoy after taking the shot!

5. Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes

You read that right, glow in the dark ice cubes! With these ice cubes, everyone will be amazed at your punch bowl. How do you do it? With tonic water! Freeze the tonic water along with filtered water and any other additions to create ice cubes that will softly glow with the help of a black light.

If you’re going to the trouble to acquire black lights, you could make your event theme a white party. The black lights will highlight the white clothes and ice cubes for a spectacular effect.  

6. Dry Ice Display

A white fog flows out from under the punch bowl, creating a dramatic effect. Dry ice can create an impressive drink display and requires little else. Place your punch bowl within another container where you’ve stashed a small amount of dry ice and pour in water occasionally. Dry ice is also great for keeping your ice creations cold. So, use it to complement your other ice decorations.

With one or two of these ideas, your event will indeed be memorable! Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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