Once or twice a year, you travel to one of Southern California’s mountain ranges for cold-weather recreation. While enjoyable, these trips don’t come cheap. Also, they require a significant amount of driving time. You might think that you have no real alternative. But, in reality, you can recreate some of the best aspects of a mountain vacation without leaving home. That’s possible because of the advantages provided by snow production.

How Do Snow Productions Work?

Snow productions get their name because they recreate winter conditions through the use of artificial snow. The snow comes from specially designed machines with main components that include:

  • A mister
  • A freezing chamber
  • A blower

When filtered water enters the mister, it gets converted into small particles. Inside the freezing chamber, these particles transform into tiny, snow-like crystals. The blower pushes the snow crystals out into the surrounding environment.

Today, modern snowmakers feature a high degree of adjustability. This makes it possible to create everything from heavy, moisture-laden snow to a light, dry powder. You can use the snow provided by a professional company for a wide variety of purposes. Want to make a few snowmen? A small-scale production will do the trick. Want to set the stage for a winter-themed party? Just ask for a larger-scale production. You can even create snow-covered surfaces big enough for sledding or short ski runs.

What It Takes to Travel to a Snowy Destination

Southern California is well-known for its unique variety of local environments. In low-lying coastal areas, you have your choice of hundreds of spots for swimming or surfing. Hiking fans can take advantage of the region’s many hills, as well as its mountainous areas. At higher altitudes during winter, Southern California’s mountains also serve as a destination for lovers of snowy weather.

People living in the vast area surrounding greater Los Angeles have a few options for snow-oriented trips. Potential destinations include several resorts in the San Bernardino Mountains roughly 100 miles northeast of L.A. You can also travel to resorts located in the San Gabriel or San Jacinto Mountains.

While trips to these vacation spots can be highly enjoyable, they can also cost you plenty of time and money. Depending on where you live in the region, travel time to your chosen destination can be substantial. That’s especially true if you factor in greater Los Angeles’ infamous and widespread traffic. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll have to pay for your lodging. You’ll also have to pay for your food, as well as any fees required for access to the slopes. All in all, your love of snowy conditions can end up costing you a pretty penny.

Snow Productions As a Convenient Alternative

If you’re a diehard skier, you may not accept any alternative to your annual trip to the mountains. However, you might not feel the same if you just enjoy an occasional taste of winter weather. Anyone who falls into this second category should give serious consideration to a professional snow production. Why? Because these productions allow you to fulfill your wintertime urges with ease and convenience. Instead of setting aside time and money to go to the mountains, you can bring the weather to you.

In fact, for most people, snow productions offer some meaningful advantages over a mountain vacation. For example, when you travel in search of snow, you have no control over the weather. If you’re lucky, Mother Nature will be kind to your plans. However, you could just as easily end up fighting unfavorable conditions. With a professional production, you can always dial in just the right kind of snow for your needs or desires.

Snow productions also help you avoid another potential drawback: the effects of pollution. No matter where you go, natural snowfall in the 21st century will contain at least some contaminants. These contaminants won’t necessarily harm your health. Still, chances are you’d avoid them if you could. In stark contrast, the filtered water employed for snow productions is pollutant-free. Use of this clean product takes one more potential worry off your mind.

Interested in arranging a snow production? Just call the trusted experts in your area. The top companies can provide enough snow for any occasion, whether small-scale or massive. They also rely on first-rate equipment operated by experienced technicians. Besides, Southern California’s best snow production companies like Crystal Ice provide you with comprehensive support. From setup to teardown, they take care of every detail and leave you free to enjoy the experience.