A glittering, elegant ice sculpture surrounded by flowers and a beautiful banquet of delicious appetizers and refreshing drinks is the perfect layout for your wedding reception.

The one piece that pulls it all together? There’s no doubt an artistic ice sculpture, custom made to reflect the style and personality of you and your newly wed spouse is the crowning piece in any banquet display. Here are some ideas for designing the perfect artistic ice sculpture that will make your wedding unforgettable:

Consider Your Theme

If you already have a theme in mind for your wedding reception, make sure the ice sculpture you pick fits in. For example, if you’ve chosen a summery, ocean theme, consider having a two dolphins carved together forming a heart. Or, if you have a romantic theme with lots of roses, you might consider having roses frozen into the ice sculpture. Some sculpture styles appropriate for this theme include wedding rings, a heart, two swans or even a bride and groom. For those who enjoy traveling, a famous monument such as the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building can also be a great choice. What’s important is that the sculpture fits you as a couple and smoothly fits in with the rest of your decoration plans.

Monogram or No Monogram

Most ice sculptures can have a monogram or your names incorporated into it. Either feature this on the base of the sculpture, or make it the main design. Letters can be the ice sculpture, all on its own. Choose the first letter of the new last name you plan to share together or use the first letters of both of your first names. The options here are endless. If you prefer, you can even have both of your full names etched or carved into the ice. This creates a beautiful photo opportunity and easily reminds guests who they are celebrating.

Incorporate Practical Features

Did you know ice sculptures can include champagne bottle holders? You can also request a luge, where you pour a drink using the ice sculpture and the liquid slides down the sculpture and into the glass. Other sculptures can include platforms for holding fruit or other appetizers. Alternatively, have your ice sculpture created as a combination sculpture and flower vase. These practical features enhance the intrigue of the sculpture in addition to serving a purpose.

Ice Clarity and Color

Most sculptures are made with perfectly transparent ice. However, you can choose to have some portions that feature a frostier look, creating a beautiful contrast with the clear ice. In addition, you can combine your ice sculpture with a beautiful LED light display that will certainly dazzle your guests. Here, you can feature your wedding colors and truly enhance the ambiance within your reception hall.

A beautiful artistic ice sculpture is the perfect addition to your wedding decoration plans. It’s sure to draw the attention of your guests and perfectly display the essence of you and your new spouse’s love.

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