Halloween is almost here, and that means that orders for dry ice are going up. Due to its ability to create fun effects, lots of people use dry ice to create spooky scenes for haunted houses, parties, or even just to make the trick-or-treating experience extra special for the neighborhood kids.

However, dry ice isn’t like normal ice. When handled improperly, it can cause damage to the skin and lungs, and can land you in the hospital in a hurry. So, if you are planning to use dry ice this Halloween, or at any point in the future, you need to know how to stay safe and properly handle dry ice. Below are five ways you can stay safe.

1. Wear Gloves

And the mittens grandma knitted you will not do. Leather gloves are ideal, but thick, winter gloves will also work. If you are handling the ice for a very short amount of time—just a few seconds, an oven mitt will work. But if you need to touch it for more than a few seconds, use better protection.

2. Store in an Insulated, but not Air-Tight, Container

Insulating dry ice will allow it to last longer. However, you do not want it fully covered in an airtight container. Doing so allows gas to build up inside the container, and this will expand until it explodes. While it might seem like an exciting idea for a special effect, it is also very dangerous.

3. Keep in a Well Ventilated Area

That gas we mentioned above? It is carbon dioxide. You need to make sure your dry ice is always in a well ventilated area. Carbon dioxide sinks and will replace oxygenated air, causing you to breathe it in, and potentially suffocate you.

4. Keep Children and Pets Away

Dry ice is cool to look at, and curiosity often gets the best of both children and pets. It is vital that you secure your dry ice if there will be any children or animals nearby. It is far too easy for them to suffer burns from the ice or inhale the toxic gas. If you do not think you can keep it secure, perhaps due to an open layout, it is best not to order it.

5. Hire Professionals

While you can safely use dry ice, it might be best to simply hire professionals to take care of it. These professionals can install, maintain, and remove the dry ice for you while ensuring it is secured so no harm comes to any of your guests. They will know how to check the ventilation and will free up your time so you can actually enjoy your Halloween festivities.

Who Are the Professionals?

The team at Crystal Ice. We have been helping area residents with their dry ice needs for decades. We know how to transport it, set it up, and keep everyone safe. If you are interested in using dry ice for special effects this Halloween, simply give us a call or stop in at our ice dock. We look forward to working with you.