When hosting an event, you always want to offer that special something that helps to set it apart from all the other events in the year. Ice sculptures are a unique touch that can do just that, and are not often seen at special events. They bring art and flair to the space while also helping to keep food cold or even cool down a hot venue. And since they are made for you, they are also completely unique. Not to mention that they are often cheaper than other types of specialized décor, such as flowers. This means they are a great way to make a big impact on a budget. So, what are some events that an ice sculpture can enhance?


We love the idea of having a large ice sculpture near the entrance to the reception, ensuring that all the guests see it as they enter. While there are many beautiful sculptures that can be made, our suggestion is that the couple work directly with the sculptor to come up with a piece that is both unique to them and inspired by them.


When it comes to the scale and grandeur of these parties, they are parallel with weddings, so it makes sense to have an ice sculpture for the quince as well. Since this party traditionally symbolizes the transition from childhood in adulthood, you can opt for a sculpture that commemorates special events and milestones or multiple sculptures that symbolize the journey the birthday girl has gone through.

Work Socials

Work events are often formulaic and less than riveting, but yours doesn’t need to be. To help this year’s event stand out, commission an ice sculpture. While there are many ways you can do this, we like the idea of creating the company logo. Another option is to create the company name using a signature font.

New Year’s Eve

Once again, there is a lot you can do with ice sculptures for New Year’s Eve. However, perhaps one of the best ideas is to use ice sculptures as food serving dishes. These dishes make it easy to have a buffet-style dinner rather than a sit-down dinner, which allows guests to keep partying even as they eat. Pretty ideal for New Year’s eve, don’t you think?


Another great event to enhance with an ice sculpture is prom. For schools, it can be difficult to create the upscale atmosphere the students want while remaining on a budget. Ice sculptures can easily be affordable, more so than many other types of decorations, and will make a bigger impact on the students. They can be made to work with the theme of the dance, with the mascot of the school, or whatever you are looking for.

Work with Crystal Ice for Your Ice Sculptures

If you want an ice sculpture or sculptures for any event in the Los Angeles area, Crystal Ice is the company to turn to. Our artists can create most any design you want, helping to make your event one that will be remembered for years to come. Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss what you want from your sculpture.