If you’re planning a snow party, you can count on the first few minutes to be filled with wonder as your guests enjoy the novelty of frozen precipitation. But, once your guests have had the chance to interact with the snow, be prepared with some fun, organized games. With these games, you’ll make the most of the snow and ensure that you and your guests make memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready for fun in the snow? Here are some highly recommended, fun games to play with guests of all ages:

1. Freeze Tag – Literally!

In this variation on traditional freeze tag, the person who’s “it” has to catch the other players by hitting them with a snowball. Once you’re frozen, there’s no way to get unfrozen, otherwise the poor person who is “it” may never win. Keep playing until there’s only one player who hasn’t been hit. That person is the new “it”!

2. Snow Obstacle Course

Build a snow obstacle course with the help of your guests. You might include a snow wall to climb or jump over, a snow angel making stop, a snow tunnel to crawl through, and a target at which participants must toss a snowball. Use hula hoops to have guests jump through in the snow as well! Everyone’s sure to have just as much fun building the obstacle course as they’ll have racing through it. For an element of competition, time each participant to see who can get through the fastest without missing any of the steps.

3. Snowball Fight

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned snowball fight. Divide your guests into two groups. Set some ground rules (no snowballs intentionally to the face!) before giving each team 10 minutes to prepare. Each team might consider building a fort or preparing ammunition. Then, blow a whistle to start the fight! Continue as long as guests are enjoying themselves.

4. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt in the snow? Yes! You can do this a number of ways. Either hide plastic dinosaur toys in the snow for a party of kids to excavate or freeze colored ice cubes and hide them in the snow, see who can find the most! For this game, you could consider using a point system for the hidden items. You can share the system ahead of time and then see who can earn the most points.

5. Snowman Building Contest

Invite your guests to work in teams to build a unique, fun snowman. Whether your guests produce the infamous Olaf or give their snowman an interesting hairdo of twigs, find something unique in each team’s creation and offer them a prize for it. For example, you could give a prize for the snowman with the best hair, the smallest snowman, the most colorful snowman, and more! Ensure you reward each group so that everyone has fun.

Now you’re prepared to handle a snow party like a professional! As you can see, with minimal preparation, you can keep your guests busy and engaged with the snow, creating great opportunities for pictures, interaction and fun.

After you’re done playing, be sure to be ready with hot chocolate and a snack. All of that fun in the snow will make your guests hungry and ready for something warm!Wondering how it’s possible to enjoy snow in the LA area? With Crystal Ice’s snow productions, it’s easy! Give us a call to learn more about our services.