It’s that wonderful time of year, the holidays – when we gather with loved ones and celebrate the magic of the season. Though others across the country may get to revel in a white Christmas, let’s face it, this is not usually a natural phenomenon in Southern California’s lower elevations. That is where we at Crystal Ice come in. We are the area’s most popular manufacturer and delivery service of artificial snow, so whether you are having a Christmas gathering or a non-denominational holiday party at your place of business, you can bring the majestic beauty of glistening, shimmering snow to your celebrations with ease! But how does artificial snow stack up against the real thing? At Crystal Ice, this is our forte. Please read on to understand some of the benefits of faux snow.

  1. Cleaner than Real Snow

At Crystal Ice, we have 60 years of experience working with ice in all its many forms, and thoroughly understand the mechanics that make snow machines function successfully. Snow machines create artificial snow by using a pump to spray a mist of filtered water into a freezer chamber. The water spray freezes as it hits the air inside the freezer, and crystallizes into snow particles. When you consider how real snow is made, from moisture in the atmosphere condensed from polluted rivers and streams, which forms snow and drifts back to the ground when the atmosphere is cold enough, the fact that you can have snow made from our filtered water is a wonder in itself!

2. More Beautiful than Real Snow

Because our artificial snow is made from pure water, it has a beautiful shine and clean white color that, believe it or not, real snow cannot compare with. The other issue with real snow that it gets in the way of vehicles and driveways when it blankets a city, so when you see it on the ground in cities up north and back east, it is often mixed with mud due to cars and plows mucking it up. Not very pretty at all! And not the case when you choose to have us create a pure and beautiful faux snow scene for you.

3. Holds its Shape Longer than Real Snow

When you select Crystal Ice to create artificial snow for you, we consult you to find out exactly what type of snow you want. There are many snow finishes we can create, depending on the look you desire. When we create artificial snow, a nucleating material is used to help the flakes bind and hold their shape for longer periods of time. We can also control the type of flake, so you can choose large, fluffy snowflakes, or smaller, more compressed snow grains. We can also control the amount of water used to create the snow as well as the temperature of the freezer so that you can have more wet, packable snow–perfect for creating snowmen.

4. Designed with You in mind

At Crystal Ice, we have several ice docks located throughout the Los Angeles area, so we are never far from the site at which you want your artificial snow produced. We will deliver fresh, pure ice to your home or business, with our line of snow machines in tow, and set to work creating the snow scene you have envisioned, no matter how simple or extravagant. Our artificial snow is in many ways better than the real thing, in that it’s cleaner, more beautiful, and can be controlled to look exactly how you want it. At Crystal Ice, it is our pleasure to create gorgeous snow scenes for you, anytime of year! Give us a call today at 323-753-2579 to tell us about the wintry scene of your dreams.