4 Common Commercial and Industrial Uses for Dry Ice

Dry ice isn’t just for spooky ambiance at Halloween parties. This product has a wide variety of uses. Beyond the theatrical, dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide which has many applications. Between food storage, medical devices and transportation purposes, dry ice is an incredibly dynamic material. Here are the 4 most common [...]

Strange Ways Classic Filmmakers Made Artificial Snow

In lower elevations of Southern California, seeing real snow would look like a mirage. Nearly every day, our summer-like weather is a far cry from the winter wonderland depicted in movies. California, however, is home to iconic and cinema magic producing Hollywood. Inside the studio, experts create snow flurries, picturesque Christmas landscapes, and white-topped mountains. [...]

Ice Products & Delivery for Los Angeles’ Food Trucks

Summer is just around the corner, and that means outdoor concerts, warm evenings, refreshing beverages and fantastic food trucks. Los Angeles is home to some of the most innovative food trucks the west coast has ever seen. With all that delicious food, many food trucks need ice cold beverages to accompany it. Canned drinks just [...]

Why the Ice You Make at Home is Cloudy

Envision opening up a can of your favorite beverage. Now pour it over ice. Likely, the ice is crystal clear, the kind you see in the commercials in a tall glass. Frustratingly, when we try and make clear ice at home, we instead are left with annoying cloudy cubes. Why is this, especially when the [...]

5 Social Events Perfect for an Ice Sculpture

When hosting an event, you always want to offer that special something that helps to set it apart from all the other events in the year. Ice sculptures are a unique touch that can do just that, and are not often seen at special events. They bring art and flair to the space while also [...]

5 Fun Games to Play During a Snow Party

If you’re planning a snow party, you can count on the first few minutes to be filled with wonder as your guests enjoy the novelty of frozen precipitation. But, once your guests have had the chance to interact with the snow, be prepared with some fun, organized games. With these games, you’ll make the most [...]

Simple Tips for Carving Block Ice Yourself

When it comes to block ice, it’s quality over quantity. If you’re trying to reproduce a fancy cocktail for yourself or your party guests, or are an aspiring master bartender, adding block ice elevates your concoction to the next level. However, creating block ice isn’t an easy feat. It’s not as simple as popping ice [...]

Ice Sculptures: How they’re Carved

An ice sculpture may only last for a few hours, but the most dedicated artists spend years honing the skills it takes to craft these exquisite works of art. Ice is the primary or sole medium in creating this type of sculpture. Owing to the volatility of the raw material, ice sculptures are often deemed [...]

5 Haunting Ways to use Dry Ice this Halloween

You have your Halloween decorations picked out and artfully placed around your porch and inside as well. Everything looks great. It’s the perfect combination of spooky and warm and inviting. Yet, something is still missing. You need that little extra touch of haunted that will blow your guests away and take your Halloween look to [...]

The Importance of Ice in Cocktails

There is never a bad time to throw a cocktail party. “What makes a great cocktail?” you may ask. Truth be told, the crucial ingredient in almost all cocktail drinks is ICE. Quality ingredients mixed in the right proportions and served at the right temperature, as well as the perfect garnish and the right glassware [...]