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Simple but incredibly versatile, ice has played a major role in human history for thousands of years. Like so many other things, it’s often taken for granted in the modern world, at least until you can’t get it when you need it. In fact, for a broad range of special events, recreational activities, and everyday business uses, reliable access to high-quality ice and ice-related services is a necessity, not a luxury.

In the City of Santa Monica and communities throughout Los Angeles, you can count on Crystal Ice Company for the very best in ice products and services. For more than half a century, we’ve served the needs of the area’s homeowners, as well as the needs of event planners, caterers, restaurants, film and television production companies, and a wide range of other businesses. With our never-ending emphasis on quality, we always aim to please. From scheduled deliveries and special event assistance to 24/7 emergencies, we’ve got you covered.

Ice Products

Block Ice

Block ice is the name for ice frozen in large, shaped pieces that take much longer to melt than smaller pieces.Common uses for this form of ice include creating large-scale food service displays, keeping perishable items cool at farmer’s markets and creating shaved ice or cocktail ice. Ice sculptors also use these large, stable pieces as the “canvas” for their work. We offer block ice in pieces as small as 25 lbs and as large as 300 lbs (with 25-lb increments between each size). Every block we produce is extremely dense and structurally stable, making it suitable for a broad range of uses. Choose from crystal-clear pieces or pieces with specific levels of opacity.

Dry Ice

– Dry ice is actually solid carbon dioxide; unlike frozen water, it turns into a gas when it melts. You can use this product for purposes such as keeping regular ice cold for longer amounts of time, keeping items cold in a cooler for multiple days, transporting perishable items over long distances, creating special effects, and preserving biological samples in a laboratory. Crystal Ice offers dry ice in a wide variety of sizes, from small chunks to slabs suitable for industrial uses. We also help you handle this product safely at all times.

Cube, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

– Most adults have some experience with these popular products. Cubed ice is often preferred for its relatively slow melting rate. However, in some situations, you may prefer the texture and appearance of crushed ice or cocktail ice. Whether you’re hosting a small party or a large gathering, we can easily deliver enough high-quality ice to meet your needs. We also regularly help bars and other commercial establishments keep plenty of ice on hand.

Ice Delivery

When you need ice, delays in delivery are simply unacceptable. If you’re throwing a party or special event, a delay in ice service can through off your entire schedule and leave your guests with a lasting poor impression. And if you run a restaurant or catering company, unreliable delivery can have a major negative impact on customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Crystal Ice maintains full-scale ice docks at three locations: Long Beach, Gardena and our home base near South Park. This means that, whatever your location in greater Los Angeles, we’re never far away. In most cases, we can deliver your order for standard ice products within an hour to 90 minutes. However, in an emergency, we can often shorten delivery times considerably and help you save the day. When you hire us for any reason, we provide full service that includes unloading, setup, and testing of displays or equipment. We also provide special assistance for dry ice, snow production, block ice, and ice sculpture deliveries.

Snow Productions

Snow productions simulate winter conditions any time of the year in any climate. To achieve this effect, they rely on artificial snow, a substance made by filling the air in a freezing chamber with a mist made from filtered water. By adjusting the size of the water particles and the conditions inside the chamber, it’s possible to make snowflakes in a variety of sizes and with a range of textures. A snow production can be especially pleasing in Southern California’s mild, Mediterranean climate. You can use one for purposes that include creating the proper setting for a winter-themed scene or party, making snowmen, forming sledding hills and creating authentic backdrops for winter-themed photo sessions.

At Crystal Ice, we have extensive experience creating large and small snow productions. Our high-quality artificial snow mimics the properties of real snow, but leaves out all of the environmental impurities of natural snowfall. And no matter how much snow you need for your event, photo shoot, or recreational enjoyment, we can produce the desired quantity at one or more of our three local ice docks.

Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are carved display pieces made mostly or entirely from blocks of ice. They’re sometimes used purely as decorative works of art. However, they can also play dual roles as visually appealing, functional food service equipment or temperature control aids. Ice sculptures appear at everything from corporate events to birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and weddings. Skilled sculptors can carve ice into a virtually endless array of realistic and abstract shapes.

Whether you need an abstract sculpture, an elaborate piece that incorporates lifelike features or sculpted platters, bowls, or fountains for food service, call on Crystal Ice. We rely exclusively on sculpting masters to create your desired work, and in all cases we follow your exact specifications throughout the process. In-person consultations and constant communication help ensure that the final product meets your highest expectations.

Proudly Serving the City of Santa Monica

The City of Santa Monica is one the Los Angeles area’s perennial treasures. Situated on the Pacific Ocean between Venice and Pacific Palisades, this community of 92,000-plus retains a unique atmosphere and charm. People from all over the world flock to see the famous Santa Monica Pier. Additional focal points for tourists and locals alike include the Santa Monica Stairs, the Third Street Promenade, and Palisades Park. Cultural highlights include Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and Miles Playhouse.

Family-owned and -operated Crystal Ice Company has proudly served the citizens of Santa Monica since we first began operating back in 1956. Over the years, we’ve supplied thousands of the city’s homeowners and businesses with our industry-leading wholesale deliveries, custom ice sculptures, and festive snow productions. Every customer is our best customer, and we guarantee the quality of your experience. Contact us today for a free estimate or emergency ice delivery.