Quality Ice Products and Services for the City of Pasadena

In the City of Pasadena, homeowners, business owners and special event planners turn to Crystal Ice for the very best in ice products and services. With 60-plus years of continuous operation, unequaled expertise and an enduring commitment to customer service, we make it easy to meet your ice-related needs on time and within budget. Whether have a small order, large order or special request, we’ll meet your every expectation for quality and reliability.

Ice Products

Block Ice

Block ice has been treasured for centuries for its slow-melting properties and strong cooling effect. In modern times, many people use this form of ice for purposes such as making cocktail ice or shaved ice and keeping perishable items from spoiling in high outdoor temperatures. In addition, ice sculptors rely heavily on blocks of ice to create their unique artworks. Our block ice starts at a 25-lb size and goes up in 25-lb increments to a whopping 300 lbs. Each block has excellent structural stability and density that make it suitable for varied use. We can adjust the clarity to match your desired opacity.

Dry Ice  

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide gas, not frozen H2O like other types of ice. The gradual melting of this gas creates the product’s characteristic vapor “fog.” Since dry ice is colder than conventional ice, it makes an excellent choice for long-term cold storage and long-range perishable goods transport. Production companies, event planners and scientific laboratories also rely on the unique properties of this product for their industry-specific needs. We create dry ice in sizes suitable for use in all common and uncommon applications.

Cube, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

The products in this category are almost certainly the most widely used forms of ice among the general public. Whether at home, at a party or sporting event, or at your local fast-food hangout, you’ve probably relied on some form of cube, crushed or cocktail ice since childhood. Most people opt for ice cubes, although cocktail ice and crushed ice also have important and varied uses. Crystal Ice can create these products in any required amount for home use or use in restaurants, bars and other businesses.

Ice Delivery

Timely ice delivery is often a make-or-break proposition for businesses such as bars and restaurants. Even a single late or missed delivery can result in significant behind-the-scenes disruptions and dissatisfied customers. Every day of the year, private individuals also rely on well-timed ice deliveries to help ensure the success of their parties, special events and other gatherings.

At Crystal Ice, we know how much you depend on reliable ice delivery. That’s why we fully dedicate ourselves to timely delivery of your order in all circumstances. We can make this commitment, in part, because we maintain full-service ice docks in three strategically situated L.A.-area locations. No matter where you live in our vast zone of coverage, we can usually get your delivery to your door in 90 minutes or less. And if you have an emergency, we can shave even more time off our delivery schedule. Our service includes unloading and full on-site preparation of any equipment or displays. We can also help you work safely with ice sculptures, artificial snow productions or dry ice.

Snow Productions

Snow productions rely on the use of artificial snow to mimic winter snowfalls in any climate, no matter the time of year. Creation of this snow requires three things: a filtered water mist, a freezing chamber for this mist and a blower that shoots the resulting snowflakes to their designated location. The best snow-making machines can reproduce any variety of snowfall, from small, powdery flakes to large, wet flakes.

Since actual snowfall is rare at lower Southern California elevations, snow productions have enduring popularity in Pasadena and other towns and cities throughout the region. You can use this type of production to make snowmen, create the ideal sledding hill or set the stage for your winter-themed party or event. You can also make true-to-life backgrounds for your family’s next holiday card.

At Crystal Ice, we specialize in the production of high-quality artificial snow for every imaginable use. In addition to mimicking your preferred variety of snowfall, our product is far cleaner than natural snow, allowing you to enjoy it without concern for any environmental contaminants. Our local ice docks can produce snow in a great enough quantity to support even the largest private or public event.

Ice Sculptures

You’re probably familiar with ice sculptures in one form or another. They commonly serve as decorative centerpieces for various gatherings and special events. In addition, they play an important role as functional, visually striking cooling sources for buffets and other types of food displays. In the hands of a skilled artist, a block of ice can be used to create almost anything, from the most basic shape or realistic figure to the most elaborate abstract design.

No matter your reason for desiring an ice sculpture, you can turn to the full-service professionals at Crystal Ice. Our ongoing relationships with master sculptors in the L.A. area give us the ability to deliver a product that meets your exact design requirements, whether for decorative or functional use. In addition, we make sure to communicate with you throughout the planning and creation process, so you’ll never have to worry about any unpleasant surprises or unexpected changes in your finished sculpture.

Proudly Serving Pasadena

Situated in the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena ranks as the second-oldest incorporated city in all of Los Angeles County. The community of 140,000-plus is known worldwide as the host of the yearly Tournament of Roses Parade and the accompanying Rose Bowl college football matchup. A major force in culture, science and education, Pasadena is also home to such landmark institutions as Caltech (the California Institute of Technology), the Pasadena Playhouse, the federal Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Norton Simon Museum, the ArtCenter College of Design and the USC Pacific Asia Museum.

Crystal Ice is proud to serve the citizens of Pasadena. Since opening for business in the 1950’s, we’ supplied communities throughout greater Los Angeles with the region’s premier option for high-quality ice products and services. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or special event planner, you can count on us to meet your needs with timely service and industry-leading expertise. Call today to arrange a scheduled or emergency product delivery.