Culver City’s Source for Quality Ice Products and Services

Ice has been essential to human society for untold centuries. Today, you can buy standard ice products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can also purchase custom products and services such as snow productions and ice sculptures. In all circumstances, the key to your purchasing experience is finding a trustworthy provider capable of delivering what you need in a timely, reliable manner.

In Culver City and the rest of Greater Los Angeles, the number one source for quality ice products and services is Crystal Ice Company. Since 1956, we’ve supplied the needs of local residents and small business owners, as well as larger businesses that include the titans of the entertainment industry. Whether you’re arranging a one-time or recurring delivery, have an upcoming special event or face an emergency situation, our staff of friendly experts will help you meet all of your ice-related needs.

Ice Products

Block Ice

Block ice comes in large pieces that last for much longer amounts of time than ice cubes or other small pieces of ice. This versatile product is used for purposes that include preventing food spoilage in outdoor locations and creating bases for decorative food service arrangements. Block ice is also used by ice sculptors as raw material, and can serve as a source for cocktail ice and shaved ice. We specialize in stable, very hard pieces of this ice available in 25-lb increments that start at 25 lbs and top out at 300 lbs. You can order crystal-clear blocks, as well as blocks with your preferred level of opacity.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is not frozen water; instead the term refers to a solid form of carbon dioxide. When this substance melts, it transforms into a gas, not water. You can use dry ice to make regular ice last for extended periods of time. Other uses for this product include long-distance transport of perishable items, long-term storage of items in coolers, biological sample preservation and special effects creation. We offer this product in sizes that range from small chunks to industrial-size slabs.

Cube, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

All three of these popular products are commonly used to keep drinks cool at parties and other gatherings, as well as for other drink- and cooling-related purposes. Cubed ice melts much more slowly than crushed or cocktail ice. However, crushed and cocktail ice are sometimes preferred for their unique appearance and texture. Crystal Ice can deliver enough of these products to supply even the largest gatherings. In addition, we can supplement the one-time or ongoing ice needs of bars and other businesses.

Ice Delivery

Ice delivery is typically a time-sensitive job. For business owners, late deliveries can lead to serious problems such as customer dissatisfaction, lost sales and food spoilage. For the hosts of parties and other special events, a late delivery can lead to everything from schedule disruptions to early guest departure.

At Crystal Ice, we maintain a heavy focus on timely ice delivery. From our three full-scale ice docks — located in Gardena, Long Beach and South Park — we can quickly reach any location in the Greater Los Angeles area. Usually, we time most standard orders to arrive in as little as an hour, and no more than 90 minutes. However, we can frequently reduce this delivery time even further to help you in emergency situations. And our services don’t end with basic ice delivery. For all customers, we follow through with product unloading and setup, as well as all required equipment and display testing. We provide the same level of service for products that require special measures (e.g., ice sculptures, snow productions and dry ice).

Snow Productions

A snow production gives you the power to make it snow in any environment, no matter the time of year. This effect is produced by passing a filtered water mist through a device called a freezing chamber and creating artificial snow. Alteration of the chamber conditions and the water particles makes it possible to simulate the same variations in snow texture and snowflake size that you’d find in a natural setting. Since snow is so rare in our region’s temperate climate, a snow production can have an especially powerful effect. Common uses for this kind of production include setting the stage for Christmas parties and other events with a winter theme, making true-to-life backdrops for snow-themed photographs, creating temporary surfaces for sledding and building snowmen.

At Crystal Ice, we specialize in the production of highly realistic artificial snow that lacks any of the impurities that can mar the appearance or safety of natural snow. Our long-term experience with snow production and our conveniently located area facilities make it easy for us to create and deliver the amount of snow you require. Whether you’re hosting a small party or a major public event, we’ve got you covered.

Ice Sculptures

An ice sculpture is a decorative or functional display piece carved from one or more pieces of block ice. This type of carving can serve solely as a work of art. However, you can also use an ice sculpture to create a visually interesting source of practical temperature control, or even temporary food service platforms. A master carver can create a range of abstract or realistic sculptures that’s limited only by your imagination. Common settings for these carvings include weddings, corporate gatherings, banquets, charity events, balls and birthday parties.

At Crystal Ice, we maintain ongoing relationships with some of the L.A. area’s finest ice carvers. This means that we can deliver just the type of decorative sculpture you envision, from the photorealistic to the highly abstract. We can also deliver an endless variety of fountains, bowls and other sculptures that combine beauty and practical function. No matter what type of carving you need, we consult with you throughout the sculpting process to make sure that your plans are fully realized.

Proudly Serving Culver City

Known as the “Heart of Screenland,” Culver City has played an active role in the movie and TV industries for almost 100 years. Even today, the city of nearly 40,000 serves as home to entertainment industry icons such as Sony Pictures, the NFL Network and National Public Radio West. In addition to numerous parks, other notable points of interest include the Kirk Douglas Theatre and the Actors’ Gang at the Ivy Substation.

Family-owned and operated Crystal Ice Company proudly serves Culver City from our headquarters and full-service ice dock in nearby South Park. For six decades, we’ve provided residents and businesses across the city with our standard ice delivery and comprehensive range of snow production and ice sculpture services. Whether the job is large or small, we guarantee your satisfaction. Call today to arrange a delivery and receive a free estimate.