Calabasas’ First Choice for Ice, Sculptures, Snow Productions, and More

Have you ever gotten a drink somewhere and found that the ice was spectacular? Ice may not be something you think of as an artisan product, but it indeed can be. With the right options, drinks are colder, more attractive, and even more fun. Also, cooling drinks is far from the only thing ice can do.

Crystal Ice is the top provider of ice and related products in Calabasas. From basic cubes to ice sculptures to snow productions, our team can do it all. Whether you own a restaurant, are planning a special event, or need to keep food cool during an electrical outage, Crystal Ice is here for you. To schedule a delivery or speak about a specialty product, call us at (323) 753-2579.

Free Delivery

Crystal Ice is not far from Calabasas on McKinley Avenue in Los Angeles. This central location makes it easy for us to serve customers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. However, you do not need to come to our ice docks unless you want to see things in person, because we offer free delivery of all crystal ice products.

With the majority of our products, delivery occurs within two hours of order placement. However, some products require more advanced notice. Ice sculptures and snow productions take time to put together, so if you are in need of either of these, please try to give us at least one week’s notice so we can get things ready for your event.

Emergency Response

crushed ice delivery service calabasas

Sometimes, even the rapid response of our standard delivery isn’t enough. When the electricity goes out in restaurants, or medical teams require dry ice, emergency delivery is vital. In dire situations, Crystal Ice can offer those in Calabasas emergency delivery. Just let us know when you call what the case is, and we should be there in 90 minutes or less.

Customized Solutions

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Crystal Ice does not believe in one-size fits all. Instead, we make it easy for customers to place orders that perfectly fit their needs. We sell products in convenient sizes and mix and match our products, allowing you to get precisely the ice you want.

When it comes to our ice sculptures, customization options are even more numerous. We can create original pieces, mimic works of art, or even cut company logos into ice. Our team also creates functional sculptures, such as serving bowls and shot glasses. Just approach us with your idea, and we will find a way to make it happen. With us, any event in Calabasas can be one to remember.

One-Time and Regular Service

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We offer Calabasas both one-time and regularly scheduled service. Our extensive ice selection and fully-stocked inventory means that we always have enough products on hand to serve all customers. Whats more, our fleet of delivery vehicles ensures we can get them delivered on time. Call us on an as-needed basis or create a regular delivery schedule—whatever works best for you.

Comprehensive Delivery Service

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Crystal Ice does not just bring our products to the location, drop them off, and leave. Instead, we offer a comprehensive delivery service. Products are delivered to the area and placed where they are required. If setup is needed, we complete it, and in the case of dry ice, we go over the safe handling of the product. Our goal is to be a solution to your problems, not add to your stress.

Years of Experience

The products Crystal Ice manufacturers do not last long, but the company itself has a long history. Founded in 1965, we have more than five decades of experience behind us. Our team fully understands the importance of the products we create and holds them to high standards. We are confident that no other ice company serving Calabasas can match the quality of our products or service.

For Any Ice Needs in Calabasas, Turn to Crystal Ice

Crystal Ice proudly serves the city of Calabasas and the surrounding area. With more than five decades of experience, we are confident that we offer the best products and service in the industry. Whether you need a same-day delivery or want to plan an ice sculpture for a future event, our company is the one you should choose.

Thanks to our convenient location, we can reach Calabasas quickly. No matter what type of ice or ice product you require, we can fulfill the order for you. Ready to place an order? Then contact us to schedule your ice service.