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Ice is a simple substance that nevertheless plays a crucial role in making everyday life comfortable and convenient. Products made from ice are also crucial to the success of all kinds of social gatherings, from TV viewing parties and weddings to large-scale special events. When you order ice products and services in person or online, you want to know for sure that your items will arrive on time without any hassles or delays.

In the City of Burbank, the name to trust for ice-related products and services is Crystal Ice Company. For six decades, we’ve fulfilled the needs of the Los Angeles area’s most demanding customers, including local businesses, private individuals and world-famous corporations. No matter what type of regularly scheduled or special services you require, our friendly, professional staff will make sure that you receive the quality you expect from the industry’s best.

Ice Products

Block Ice

This product comes in much larger pieces than standard cubed ice, and lasts for far longer before melting. This slow-melting property makes block ice an excellent choice for things such as preventing food spoilage during prolonged outdoor exposure and forming food displays that remain cool for hours at a time. Ice sculptors use large blocks as their preferred material, and you can use smaller or larger blocks as a source for cocktail ice or rough-cut cubed ice. Our minimum available size is a 25-lb block; sizes continue upward at 25-lb intervals to a maximum weight of 300 lbs. Our controlled freezing processes give you a choice between completely clear ice and ice with varying degrees of cloudiness or opacity.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is made by solidifying carbon dioxide gas. When it melts, it returns to its gaseous state instead of turning into water. The super-cold temperatures generated by this product are perfect for keeping coolers stocked for days at a time, hauling perishable goods and enhancing the cooling properties of regular ice. You can also use dry ice in a laboratory setting or for productions or parties that require special effects. Choose from sizes that range from small pieces to large slabs.

Cube, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

Anybody who’s attended a party, eaten at a fast food restaurant or made home daiquiris or margaritas is familiar with these widely used ice products. Because it melts relatively slowly, cubed ice is sometimes preferred as a go-to option. However, for a number of reasons, crushed ice and cocktail ice may serve your purposes better. No matter what quantity you need for your gathering or event, Crystal Ice can deliver enough cube, crushed or cocktail ice to keep you well-stocked. We also specialize in supplying these products to area businesses such as bars and restaurants.

Ice Delivery

Ice deliveries are almost always time-critical. A missed or late delivery at a business like a restaurant can lead to serious issues such as lost revenues and food storage and food prep disruption. Delivery problems at your home gathering, party or special event can also lead to major disruptions and inconveniences.

Because we know what can happen when things go wrong, Crystal Ice is dedicated to on-time delivery of your ice products and services. We maintain three fully equipped ice docks placed strategically throughout greater Los Angeles. From these locations, our drivers and service specialists can typically make standard deliveries to your area destination within 90 minutes. And when emergencies arise, we can usually lower our delivery times even further. In addition to bringing our products to your location, we unload them and perform all needed setup and testing of your displays and equipment. We also provide all required assistance for the handling of dry ice, artificial snow and ice sculptures.

Snow Productions

With a snow production, you can bring the pleasures of winter to any season. The heart of this type of production is artificial snow, a substance made by forcing a filtered water mist through a specially designed freezing device and blower. Optimally, the equipment used during this process makes it possible to simulate all kinds of snow (e.g., powdery or wet), as well as a broad assortment of snowflake sizes.

Snow is rare in Southern California except at the highest elevations. This means that snow productions often prove irresistible to adults and children alike. In addition to building snowmen and creating snow-covered hills for sledding, potential options for a production include making suitable outdoor environments for special events with a winter theme and adding a real-world touch to Christmas photos. 

Crystal Ice is the source for quality snow productions in Burbank and throughout greater L.A. Our top-of-the-line equipment allows us to adjust the snow we produce to your exacting specifications. In addition, our carefully controlled process ensures the production of snow that’s completely free from any environmental or artificial contaminants. Our facilities in Gardena, South Park and Long Beach can manufacture enough snow for even the largest productions.

Ice Sculptures

As temporary works of art, well-executed ice sculptures are sure to attract major attraction at your upcoming banquet, wedding, charity event, anniversary party or corporate meeting. Sometimes these sculptures have a purely decorative design. However, an expert carver can also use blocks of ice to make functional items such as serving bowls or fountains. The best carvers can build their creations to meet your specific requirements, or create custom pieces of their own devising.

At Crystal Ice, we can fulfill even your most demanding ice sculpture plans. That’s because we work with some of the finest ice carvers available, and know how to deliver high-quality work even with limited lead time. Whether you need functional pieces for a banquet setup or purely decorative pieces for a party or fundraiser, we’ll come through every time. A crucial factor in our success is clear and frequent communication with you, the customer.

Proudly Serving the City of Burbank

The City of Burbank is well-known as one of the world’s premier centers for the production of movies, TV and other forms of media entertainment. Famous firms operating out of this city of 105,000-plus include Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company and ABC Studios. Burbank is also home to some of Southern California’s most important regional landmarks, including the oldest existing Bob’s Big Boy and the Starlight Bowl.

Crystal Ice Company is a family-run enterprise with deep roots in the Los Angeles area. Since opening for business in the 1950s, we’ve provided generations of Burbank’s residents and business owners with top-notch product and services, including the recognized industry standard for wholesale deliveries. Everything we do comes with our trademark blend of guaranteed quality and customer service satisfaction. Call us today for more information and a free price quote on your upcoming project or scheduled delivery.