Bell’s Headquarters for Quality Ice Products and Services

In the Los Angeles-area community of Bell, call on Crystal Ice for the prompt and dependable delivery of ice-related services. With multiple facilities and a full fleet of reliable vehicles, we specialize in residential and commercial orders of all sizes. And no other provider in the region can surpass the quality of our products or our logistical and planning expertise. When you must have the right order at the right time, we’re ready to assist you at a price that fits your budget.

Ice Products

Cube, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

Virtually everyone in America is familiar with the versatile usefulness of the ice cube. Crushed ice and cocktail ice are two common alternatives to cubes that melt more quickly but often prove useful for specific purposes. Whether your ice needs include one or more of these products, Crystal Ice can make deliveries in your desired quantities. Our capabilities include the heavy, ongoing supply requirements of bars, restaurants and similar businesses.

Block Ice

Long before ice was available in cubes, homeowners and businesses relied on the use of long-lasting block ice. Today, this product still plays an important role in achieving such goals as the preservation of food in outdoor environments, the creation of decorative food displays and the creation of all manner of ice sculptures. Bartenders also sometimes use block ice as a source for custom batches of cocktail ice. You can purchase blocks from us in sizes that start at 25 lbs and top out at 300 lbs. The available sizes increase in 25-lb increments. We can easily accommodate requests for ice with your chosen degree of clarity or opacity.

Dry Ice

While commonly counted as a form of ice, dry ice actually doesn’t come from frozen water. Instead, it’s formed from solidified carbon dioxide gas. Special effects artists and lab technicians have long relied on the unique properties of this product. In addition, it regularly sees use in long-haul food transportation and long-term cooler storage. At Crystal Ice, we carry dry ice in sizes suitable for each of these varied groups of customers.

Ice Delivery

When businesses and individual consumers want ice, they typically have narrow windows for their desired delivery time. Ice that arrives even a little late can seriously upset your plans, whether you’re trying to take care of your paying customers or hosting a social gathering. This means that the delivery service you choose must be timely and reliable.

At Crystal Ice, we maintain the very highest standards for prompt ice delivery throughout our vast region of service. To support these standards, we make and distribute our products at three full-service ice docks, conveniently located in South Park, Gardena and Long Beach. We can reach most areas in greater Los Angeles in about an hour, and we never take more than 90 minutes to complete a standard order. In addition, we provide emergency delivery services that reduce the travel time to your front door even further. Once we arrive for a scheduled or emergency delivery, we take care of all unloading and required setups. We also test all equipment and special displays as needed, and provide detailed guidance for purchasers of dry ice, snow productions and ice sculptures.

Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures can serve multiple functions at your upcoming event. For example, an artistically carved piece can play a purely decorative role or act as a focal point or conversation starter. On the other hand, an ice sculpture can play a more practical role by providing temperature control for food displays or acting as a platform for food service. This great versatility helps explain the enduring popularity of these ice products at events ranging from birthday parties and charity balls to weddings, anniversary parties and banquets.

Crystal Ice has longstanding connections with many of the most talented ice sculptors working in the Los Angeles region. The network we’ve developed makes it possible for us to find artists capable of fulfilling all sculpture requests, from the most basic and functional to the most detailed and ornate. On every order, we work closely with you and the commissioned artist to ensure that your vision comes through loud and clear in the final product.

Snow Productions

Snow productions are popular across the U.S., especially in places like Southern California where snowfall rarely appears at lower elevations. The creation of artificial snow requires three main components: impurity-free filtered water, a freezing chamber to reduce that water to the required temperature and a blower capable of distributing the flakes created in the freezing chamber. With a modern snowmaking setup, a skilled operator can produce flakes in a broad range of sizes and at consistencies that closely mimic the varied feel of natural snow. Popular creations for snow productions include everything from sledding surfaces and winter-themed photo backdrops to general settings for Christmas parties and the raw material for snowman construction.

At Crystal Ice, technicians at each of our area facilities are capable of creating snow productions that feature truly lifelike artificial snow. And unlike the real thing, which can contain significant environmental contamination, our product maintains the highest level of purity at all times. Whatever the scale of snow coverage you require, we have the means and expertise to meet your highest expectations.

Proudly Serving the City of Bell

Located on the banks of the Los Angeles River, Bell is known nationally for its extremely small footprint of just 2.5 square miles. Along with more than two dozen other Los Angeles County communities, the city forms part of the Gateway Cities region bordering neighboring Orange County. Bell makes up for its physical size with an extensive network of parks for outdoor recreation. The community also benefits from its centralized location and close proximity to arts, entertainment and recreation opportunities in Los Angeles and numerous other nearby cities.

Crystal Ice proudly serves the City of Bell from our nearby, full-service facility in South Park. Since the middle of the 20th century, we’ve established and maintained our standing as greater Los Angeles’ most convenient, trustworthy source for the best available ice products and ice-related services. Whether you need help with a private gathering, large-scale special event or high-volume business, you’ll find us on call with timely delivery, exemplary customer service and the industry’s most knowledgeable personnel. Contact us today to make arrangements for your one-time or recurring orders.