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In Bell Gardens and all of Los Angeles County, Crystal Ice is the name to know for timely, high-quality ice products and services. For more than six decades, we served people from all walks of life and businesses ranging from small restaurants to major corporate entities. Whether you’re planning your next event, need ongoing deliveries or have an emergency on your hands, you can count on us for prompt delivery, expert advice and the very best in customer service.

Ice Products

Block Ice

block cubed ice delivery service bell gardens

Block Ice

Throughout much of the country, block ice has a history of use that predates the invention of freezers and ice machines. Today, businesses and private residents still rely on this product to keep perishable items fresh in outdoor environments and make ice for beverages and pastries. Ice sculpting professionals also use block ice as their primary work material. Crystal Ice makes dense, structurally stable blocks ranging in size from 25 lbs to 300 lbs. Convenient weight increments of 25 pounds make it easy to find the right size for your intended purposes, and ice clarity is adjustable to your specifications.

Dry Ice

Despite its name, freezing the hydrogen and oxygen found in water does not make dry ice. Instead, to create this product, manufacturers transform carbon dioxide from a gas to a solid substance. Since it lasts longer than conventional ice at room temperature, dry ice is well-suited for use in perishable goods hauling and extended cold storage. It also serves unique purposes for groups as diverse as scientists, filmmakers, and special event planners. Our wide selection of sizes gives us the ability to accommodate all potential dry ice uses.

Cubed, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

Cubed, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

Beverage ice is a common sight in homes and businesses. Many people rely on slow-melting ice cubes to cool their drinks. However, others prefer to keep their beverages cold with cocktail ice or crushed ice. Whichever type of ice meets your preferences, we can supply it in quantities suitable for every conceivable use. Our customers range from private residents to bars, party planners and other businesses that require one-time or ongoing bulk deliveries.

Ice Delivery

Ice isn’t much good to our customers if it doesn’t arrive on time or in the required amounts. A late or inaccurate delivery can have major repercussions for businesses seeking to boost their income and keep their clientele. The same fact holds true for anyone planning a party, fundraiser or any other type of special event.

At Crystal Ice, we help you avoid potential catastrophe by maintaining greater Los Angeles’ tightest schedule for commercial and residential ice delivery. Operating out of three full-service ice docks spread throughout the region, we can get most deliveries to your home or business in a maximum of 90 minutes. And if you absolutely must have your ice in an emergency situation, we can cut our standard delivery time even further. Once we arrive at your location, our courteous staff will offload your chosen product and take care of any onsite transportation, organization, setup, and testing. These secondary services come with everything we sell, including dry ice and specialty items.

Snow Productions

artificial snow production service bell gardens

Snow productions give Southern Californians a convenient way to transform any season of the year into a temporary winter wonderland. Three necessary items are required to create these productions: filtered water, a misting device, and a freezing chamber. When the water is turned into a mist and passed through the freezing chamber, it turns into artificial snow. Controls on the mister and the freezing unit make it possible to recreate small and dry snowflakes, large and wet snowflakes or anything in between. You can use the results for everything from sledding and snowman construction to the creation of a backdrop for your winter-themed parties or photo sessions.

Crystal Ice relies on top-quality machinery and decades of expertise to create the snow production of your dreams. The product coming out of our machines has one significant advantage over natural snow. While natural snow can contain all kinds of impurities, our artificial snow is pure and contaminant-free. With our trio of full-service facilities, we can efficiently fulfill the needs of residents, businesses and charity organizations in Bell Gardens and throughout the region.

Ice Sculptures

Our artists use various sizes of block ice to create ice sculptures. Some of these pieces serve an artistic or decorative function, but they also see practical use in many food service displays. A master ice sculptor can take a block of ice and turn it into almost anything you can imagine. For this reason, you’ll find their creations in a vast range of locations, from restaurants, birthday parties and banquets to fundraisers, art shows, weddings, and formal balls.

Over our long years in the business, Crystal Ice has forged strong relationships with many of the top-tier ice sculptors working in the greater Los Angeles area. These connections give us a clear edge when it comes to delivering the type of sculpture you have in mind while sticking to your preferred timetable. Whether your needs are decorative, practical or a combination of the two, our experts will work to your exact specifications and keep you involved in all critical decisions while the process is underway.

Proudly Serving Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens is a small municipality located on the Los Angeles River in southeast Los Angeles County. Although incorporated in the early 1960s, the community’s roots extend back more than a thousand years. Today, Bell Gardens stands as one of a handful of L.A. County municipalities to legalize casino gambling, and currently serves as home to Bicycle Hotel and Casino. The city is also the site of the county’s oldest existing residence, the Henry Gage Mansion. Residents of Bell Gardens enjoy easy access to downtown Los Angeles, which sits just 10 miles to the northwest.  

Crystal Ice maintains a full-service production and delivery facility west of Bell Gardens, at 6833 McKinley Avenue in Los Angeles. For three generations, businesses and residents throughout the region have turned to us for their ice, ice products, and related services. When you must have your products delivered on time and in your desired quantity, you can rely on our timeliness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We guarantee it. Contact us today to receive a current price estimate or make your delivery arrangements.