Baldwin Park’s Source for Quality Ice Products and Services

In the City of Baldwin Park, call on the experts at Crystal Ice for greater Los Angeles’ most trusted ice products and services. With our extensive product line and unmatched delivery guarantees, we’re committed to meeting the needs of the region’s residents and businesses. From single deliveries to regularly scheduled orders, we’ve got you covered with our vast range of operations and affordable prices.

Ice Products

Cube, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

Because it melts relatively slowly, cubed ice sees heavy use in residential settings, as well as in restaurants and other food-oriented businesses. Crushed ice and cocktail ice melt at a faster rate, but are still frequently used as cubed ice alternatives. Crystal Ice can easily manufacture and deliver enough high-quality cubed, crushed and cocktail ice to meet the needs of any household or business, including high-traffic restaurants and bars.

Block Ice

Before the advent of modern refrigeration, block ice was the standard delivery product. Today, the slow-melting properties of this form of ice ensure its continuing popularity for outdoor food storage and display. Bartenders also sometimes prefer large blocks as a source for batches of cubed ice and cocktail ice. In addition, ice sculptors commonly turn to block ice as their main artistic material. We feature blocks in your choice of opacity levels. Available sizes range from 25 lbs to 300 lbs (with 25-lb increments between each size).

Dry Ice

Dry ice does not actually contain any water. Instead, this super-cold product is made from solidified carbon dioxide gas. The low temperatures produced by dry ice make it an excellent choice for long-term food storage and long-distance hauling of any perishable items. Amateur and professional special effects aficionados frequently rely on this form of ice for its ability to create artificial fog, and laboratories across the country use it to maintain the condition of biological samples. We produce dry ice in sizes suitable for each of these uses, and our customer service and delivery personnel can show you how to handle it safely.

Ice Delivery

Since ice is so widely used, its timely delivery often plays a crucial role in the success of private functions, as well as the ongoing success of a broad range of businesses. Unless your home delivery arrives as expected, your party or event can quickly go downhill. And in a commercial setting, a missed delivery can have a severely negative impact on the ability to satisfy you customer base and maintain a healthy bottom line.

Crystal Ice places a premium on the timely delivery of your chosen ice product. Toward this end, we maintain a total of three full-service ice docks in the greater Los Angeles area. The production capacity and geographic spread provided by these docks give us the ability to deliver your residential or commercial order anywhere in the area in 90 minutes or less. And in an emergency situation, we can shave even more time off your expected delivery window. Once we arrive at your location, our services include unloading and (as needed) product setup and testing. We also offer specialized assistance for purchasers of ice sculptures, snow productions and dry ice.

Snow Productions

Unless you live at an elevated location, you’ll rarely see snow in Southern California. However, many area residents are in love with the magic of winter and look for ways to mimic natural snowfall at their special events. Charities and seasonal businesses also frequently seek ways to bring the pleasures of winter to their patrons and customers.

A snow production is the perfect way to create high-quality artificial snow for any purpose or occasion. To carry out this type of production, you’ll need a system capable of freezing a filtered water mist and blowing the resulting “snow” over the desired indoor or outdoor area. The best systems feature a controllable nozzle that makes it easy to precisely determine the size and moisture content of the flakes produced.

In Baldwin Park and all of greater Los Angeles, Crystal Ice is the reliable source for snow productions that meet your highest expectations for quality and professionalism. We feature state-of-the-art equipment that provides comprehensive control over the quality of each batch of artificial snow. And our advanced water filtering process ensures that every batch is completely free of the environmental pollutants and contaminants sometimes found in natural snow. All three of our regional locations can accommodate snow productions of any size.

Ice Sculptures

At banquets, weddings and a wide range of other gatherings and special occasions, artistic ice sculptures are treasured as focal points and conversation starters. Such events may also feature more functional versions of these sculptures in the form of fountains, serving bowls and food receptacles and displays. In both contexts, it takes tremendous skill to turn simple blocks of ice into items worthy of public use. Artistic pieces, in particular, commonly require a high degree of skill to execute properly.

At Crystal Ice, we maintain one of the Los Angeles area’s most extensive network of ice sculpture artisans. These extremely well-trained professionals are capable of executing virtually any plan or design, even when facing tight delivery times. Throughout the process of creating an artistic or practical sculpture, we maintain an open line of communication between the carver and you, the customer. This helps ensure that the end result meets (and hopefully exceeds) your expectation.

Proudly Serving the City of Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is located in eastern Los Angeles County in the San Gabriel Valley. The city holds an exalted position in the California fast food industry as the headquarters of the In-N-Out burger chain, and also as the site of the state’s original drive-thru eatery. Baldwin Park is also situated in the vicinity of some of the region’s prime natural and manmade attractions. Prominent examples of these attractions include Angeles National Forest – San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area and Raging Waters California.

Family-owned and operated Crystal Ice first began serving the L.A. area in the 1950s. Generations of residents and businesses in Baldwin Park and throughout the region have come to rely on us for top-quality ice products delivered without fuss or delay. We work hard to live up to that reputation every day, and we believe the results of that effort show. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or need to schedule ongoing deliveries for a large business, call today for your free price quote.