Quality Ice Products and Services for the City of Azusa

When you need reliable, timely and affordable ice products and services in the City of Azusa, call Los Angeles-area mainstay Crystal Ice. For six decades and counting, we’ve supported the requirements of residents throughout the region, as well as countless businesses and private event planners. Whatever your ice-related requirements, you can count on our legendary delivery policies, massive output capacities and courteous, friendly customer service.

Ice Products

Block Ice

Block ice is an adaptable product with a history of use going back well before the age of modern refrigeration. Today, you’ll see it used to protect perishable items stored outdoors or provide the basic working material for the creation of ice sculptures and similar temporary pieces. In addition, many bartenders prefer ice blocks as their source for shaved ice and cocktail ice. We size these blocks in convenient 25-lb increments, extending all the way up to a full 300 lbs. Our stable, high-quality product comes in a broad range of opacity levels.  

Cube, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

Ice in this category is in demand throughout the year. Cubed ice, in particular, sees heavy use due to its extreme versatility and slow rate of melting. However, crushed ice and cocktail ice can also prove just as useful in many situations. From fast-food restaurants, bars and posh eateries to cookouts and beach trips, no other ice products play such a prominent role in daily life. Whether you order for your home or business, we can supply cubed, crushed and cocktail ice in sufficient quantities to meet your needs.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is composed of solidified carbon dioxide gas, not the frozen water normally associated with ice products. When it melts, this product produces the foggy vapor that makes it a favorite for professional and amateur special effects. Dry ice also serves a more conventional purpose by keeping food and other items cold enough for long-term storage and/or transport over extended distances. In addition, scientists and event planners rely on this product for specific uses. Crystal Ice makes dry ice available in an array of sizes to support the broadest possible range of requirements.

Ice Delivery

No matter the time of year, restaurants, bars and similar businesses rely on regular ice deliveries to meet their ongoing customer demands. Similarly, many individuals and households rely on local delivery services to supply ice for parties, fundraisers, weddings and other special events. If ice doesn’t come when you need it, there are simply no easy alternatives available. This means that you must have some assurance that your chosen provider will show up as planned.

Through long decades of operation, Crystal Ice has gained a detailed, firsthand perspective on the importance of reliable, on-time ice delivery. That’s why we cover greater Los Angeles with three separate, strategically located ice docks capable of supplying our full range of products. All residents and businesses within our extensive coverage zone can request same-day deliveries that arrive in a maximum of 90 minutes. We can also shorten delivery times even further if an emergency situation puts you in a bind. Our full-service delivery program includes unloading, onsite prep and all required guidance for ice sculpture transport, use of dry ice and the safe creation of snow productions.

Ice Sculptures

When you think of ice sculptures, you probably envision small or large works of art designed specifically for their aesthetic value. However, in addition to abstract and figurative art, this category includes more practical types of sculptures, including food displays, punch bowls and other food service-related items. In fact, when created by someone who possesses the necessary skill and experience, an ice sculpture’s only real limitations are the imagination and a sufficient quantity of block ice.

The Los Angeles area is home to some of the world’s most talented ice sculptors. Over the years, we’ve formed strong relationships with many of these master practitioners. With their expert assistance, we can provide you with decorative and functional sculptures suitable for every imaginable use. Just give us your specifications and we’ll take care of the rest. And to help ensure your satisfaction with the end product, we invite you to stay in regular communication with us during the planning phase, as well as during actual sculpture creation.

Snow Productions

A snow production is any event or activity that relies on the use of artificially made snow. Since actual snowfall remains extremely rare in Azusa and other low-lying regions of Southern California, these productions provide a unique opportunity to frolic in the white stuff. This fact helps explain the perennial popularity of such things as winter-themed outdoor parties, seasonal sledding hills and snowman contests.

The artificial snow used in snow productions is made by creating a filtered water mist, then cooling that mist in a device called a freezing chamber and shooting it out with a blower unit. Well-made snow machines provide fine control over the characteristics of the droplets contained in the mist. This makes it possible to create flakes in a vast array of sizes and consistencies, from large and wet to small and powdery.

At Crystal Ice, we support your snow productions with finely adjustable artificial snow machines capable of producing your preferred flake qualities and quantities. Our ultra-pure processes exclude all potential environmental contaminants, and our snow is actually much safer than the snow found in nature. Working from any of our three ice docks, we can readily support the needs of personal gatherings and major public events.

Proudly Serving Azusa

Situated in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains beneath the iconic Azusa A, the City of Azusa is Los Angeles County’s Canyon City. Residents and visitors can take advantage of some of Southern California’s most treasured outdoor spaces, including the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area and the Angeles National Forest. There’s also plenty of local history in the form of old Route 66, the legendary road that once brought travelers through the desert to Los Angeles.

Crystal Ice is proud to supply the residents and businesses of Azusa with the most reliable, comprehensive ice products and services in Southern California. Whether you require a one-time private or commercial delivery, round-the-clock wholesale deliveries or 24/7 assistance for your ice-related emergencies, you can count on us to support your needs at a reasonable price. Contact us today to schedule our services or make an emergency request.