Artesia’s Home for Quality Ice Products and Services

Humans have been fascinated with ice, first carrying it over large distances from natural sources and then learning how to make it ourselves. Ice has become an important part of modern life. Although we don’t think twice about it today, it would be strange to imagine our modern world with no freezers, ice, ice cream, or even skating rinks.

At Crystal Ice, we help you enjoy the best that ice has to offer, supplying you with a wide range of ice products and services. Serving Artesia and the greater Los Angeles area, Crystal Ice has become the trusted source of high quality ice for residents and businesses in the area. We can help you prepare events as small as backyard barbeques and as large as Hollywood galas. Our range of services include a wide variety of ice types, including spectacular sculptures, snow productions and more. When you work with Crystal Ice, you’ll always receive the industry’s finest and the best ice services and products to be found in Artesia.

Ice Products

We have made producing high quality ice our specialty, offering Artesia area residents and businesses a wide variety of products to meet your every need. You may be wondering, how much variety can there be in frozen water? From crystal clear, transparent ice, to opaque ice, small, interestingly shaped ice, and large blocks of ice, there certainly are a lot of options. Take a look at our products below:

Block Ice

A large block of ice is unique in that it takes a long time to melt. These big chunks of ice can serve many purposes. In the past, before refrigerators and freezers existed, people used ice blocks within special boxes to keep food cool. Now, ice blocks are commonly used to keep food on buffet lines cold, control food temperature during outdoor events and even in power outages where you may need to keep food cool for several days.

In addition, block ice is used by ice sculptors to create their art. The smallest piece of block ice we offer is 25 pounds. You can order custom sizes ranging in 25 pound increments all the way up to 300 pounds. You can also specify the clarity of ice required ranging from opaque to transparent.

Dry Ice

Dry ice has a misleading name, making you believe it’s a type of frozen water, but actually it’s frozen carbon dioxide gas. It is a sold, but when it melts, it goes straight to its gas form. This unique product can be used for special effects and is also useful for keeping products cold for days at a time. Laboratories also often make use of dry ice. Allow our ice experts to deliver and set-up the slab size of your choice. Remember to follow our recommendations and advice when using this product as it can be dangerous when handled improperly.

Cubed, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

Serving drinks? Depending on what you’re serving, you may need different kinds of ice. Cubed ice melts the slowest and can be nice for serving those “on the rocks” drinks. However, for a more interesting presentation and mixed drinks or cocktails, crushed and cocktail ice are often preferred. Let us know if you have any specific shapes in mind and we’ll do our best to help. For those who are in the food industry, we can also provide regular delivery of these products to restaurants and other venues.

Ice Delivery

Our ice deliveries are prompt and reliable. We know that missing a delivery or arriving late can cause serious problems for restaurants, special events and other situations where ice is required.

However, at Crystal Ice, you can count on us to arrive on time. We dedicate ourselves to providing reliable ice deliveries of all of the ice products you require. In order to achieve this, we keep three fully stocked docks throughout the Los Angeles area, keeping our products close to you. Most of our deliveries for our common products are at your door within 90 minutes. Special requests such as sculptures or specially shaped ice take a bit longer. In a pinch? We can provide emergency deliveries even faster should you find yourself in a tight spot, out of ice.

Our deliveries are full-service. We’ll help unload your products, set them up and even provide you with essential product care information such as how to handle dry ice which can be dangerous when not handled properly.

Snow Productions

Want to create a winter wonderland in Artesia? It’s possible! This incredible service always brings smiles to our faces as we watch our customers revel in the beauty and wonder of a snow production. We create snow that looks and feels authentic by forcing filtered water mist through a freezing blower as it comes out. We can even control the style of the snow, varying the size of the flakes and how wet it is. Whether you want a snow production for holiday photos, a special school day or a special holiday themed party, we can help! Give us a call to learn more about this extraordinary service.

Ice Sculptures

Ready to amaze your guests? Whether you’re hosting a party, wedding or special event, an ice sculpture can provide a perfect centerpiece, drawing the attention of guests and attendees. You can transmit the theme of the event by choosing a decorative sculpture. All of our sculptures are custom made to your specifications, so you can get as personalized as you want including names, monograms and a design that fits your needs perfectly. We also offer functional sculptures such as serving bowls, shot glasses, and fountains.

Crystal Ice works with very talented ice carvers who can produce even the most complex, depending plans. We always have the special materials necessary to create these gorgeous works of art on hand. We’ll help with everything from design to delivery. We’re sure you’ll love the results. Give us a call to learn more.

Proudly Serving the City of Artesia

Crystal Ice is proudly a family owned company that has been part of the Los Angeles community since we opened in 1956. We are glad to include the gateway city of Artesia within our service area, providing the community with access to high quality ice products and services. We constantly strive to offer the perfect combination of quality, customer service and affordable prices. Give our friendly staff a call to learn more about what we can do for you and receive a free price quote on your order. We look forward to working with you.