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When planning events, we tend to focus on the biggest items first and then go down the list. This often results in forgetting vital items. One of those items people tend to overlook? Ice.

Whether you are planning and event, operating a restaurant, or own a bar or club, ice is important. And the bag you can purchase at the corner store simply will not do. In Arcadia and other cities throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, the company to turn to for quality ice and ice services is Crystal Ice.

For over half a century, Crystal Ice has worked with local restaurants, bars, clubs, television and movie studios, event planners, caterers, and ordinary citizens, providing them with a wide variety of ice and ice sculptures to suit their needs. We offer everything from simple cubes to ice sculptures and everything in between. Whether you want to schedule in advance for an event, need regular service, or are in a bit of an emergency, we are here to help you

Standard Ice Products

When you think about ice, you likely picture the simple cubes your refrigerator makes. Or perhaps it is a bag of ice like those sold in convenience stores. However, ice products are actually quite varied. Below are some of the ice products we can offer Arcadia.

Block Ice

block cubed ice delivery service Arcadia

Block ice is pretty much what the name implies: a solid block of ice. Once upon a time, this type of ice was used in homes across the United States to provide the cooling needed in refrigerators and freezers. While it is no longer needed for such a purpose, it still has many uses. Since it takes a long time to melt, it is ideal for keeping items cold over many hours. Common uses for block ice are food service displays, outdoor food markets, shaved ice, sculptures, and as emergency cooling for your refrigerator should you lose electricity. We offer block ice in varying degrees of clarity. .

Dry Ice

Dry ice is quite different from other types of ice; rather than freezing water to make it, you freeze carbon dioxide. This also means that when it melts, it turns to gas, not a liquid. It does not melt easily and can be used to keep various items cold, including food being transported over long distances and biological samples for laboratories. You can even use dry ice to keep regular ice cooler for longer. Crystal Ice offers Arcadia dry ice in many sizes; we will also set it up for you and teach you how to safely handle it

Cubed, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

crushed ice delivery service Arcadia

Cubed ice is the standard ice used in most restaurants and in most refrigerators at home. It takes a longer time to melt, making it a solid option in most circumstances. However, the texture and appearance offered by crushed ice and cocktail ice means that they are optimal for special events and specialty drinks. Whether you need this ice for an event or continuously stocked at your establishment, Crystal Ice can deliver the products you require

Ice Delivery

Transporting ice on your own is guaranteed to be a messy affair. If you purchase your ice from Crystal Ice, you do not need to worry about the logistics; we bring the ice products you need to the location where you need them, using the proper vehicles to prevent the ice from melting or otherwise becoming damaged.

We are well aware that delays in delivery are unacceptable. As such, we maintain a fleet of vehicles and a rigid schedule, allowing us to always deliver your products on time. Even with last-minute and emergency orders, we offer timely service, arriving in 90 minutes or less. With Crystal Ice, you simply need to order and then rest assured all will be well.

full service ice delivery Arcadia

Specialty Ice Services

In addition to our standard products, we offer specialty ice services that are designed to make special events truly spectacular and help restaurants and bars stand out against the competition. Our two most popular specialty services are snow productions and ice sculptures.

Snow Productions

artificial snow production service Arcadia

Our snow productions do something quite extraordinary: they bring winter to Los Angeles. Our snow is created using pure water. This water is sent into a freezing chamber as a mist, allowing it to turn into fluffy snow that is then forced out, creating a winter wonderland. We can control the size of the mist droplets, resulting in different sizes and textures of snowflakes. Snow productions are wonderful for seasonal events, special promotions at a business, or even for television shows and movies.

Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are attractive and sometimes functional pieces of art that are carved from block ice. We can create sculptures that are simply meant to be viewed as well as those that double as food temperature control aids. These sculptures are suitable to various settings, from weddings to baby showers and even in restaurants to help make their food service area look even better.

The creation of your ice sculpture or sculptures can be done with as much or as little direction as you would like. We welcome your input and collaboration, but if you would prefer we take the reins, we are more than happy to do so. When you consult with us, we can show you sculptures we have made in the past and can build off of those ideas as needed. You can also bring us your own design to recreate in ice. No matter what you are looking for, Crystal Ice will make the ice sculpture you want a reality.

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Proudly Serving the City of Arcadia

Crystal Ice is a family-owned company that has been helping Arcadia residents and businesses with their ice needs since 1956. We are the top choice for ice and ice related products and services for the Greater Los Angeles Area. To us, every customer we work with is our most important customer, and we work hard to ensure you have the best possible experience. Contact us today for a free estimate or emergency ice delivery.