Alhambra Source for Quality Ice Products and Services

First naturally occurring and then man-made, ice has transformed our modern way of living in less than a century. Imagining a world without ice readily available makes for a strange place with no ice cubes in your glass at the restaurant, no ice cube tray at home and certainly no common frozen products such as ice cream. Through the years, people have harnessed ice to serve many purposes and perform many jobs.

In Alhambra and the greater Los Angeles community, ice has truly been mastered by Crystal Ice Company. While often taken for granted, ice is truly a modern marvel that has become a staple for everyday use. Crystal Ice Company has made its mission to provide the highest quality ice and ice-related services to Alhambra and the surrounding communities. Whether you require basic ice services and deliveries, a spectacular ice sculpture or assistance recreating a snowy winter’s day, count on Crystal Ice Company to help.

Ice Products

Block Ice

Block ice is just what it sounds like, a large frozen piece of ice in bulk. This product is characterized by its slow melt-time compared to smaller pieces. Serving many purposes, block ice is a versatile product that can be used for anything from creating food service displays, maintaining cool temperatures for farmer’s market products, to serving a base for making shaved and cocktail ice. It is from block ice that talented artists create stunning carvings and sculptures.

At Crystal Ice Company, we make purchasing block ice easy. Just tell us the weight you’d like and we’ll cut your block. We offer block ice from as small as a 25 lb block all the way up to 300 lb blocks. We offer blocks at 25 pound increments between each size.

Our dense, high-quality block ice is appropriate for any use you’d like to give it. Just let us know the size, whether you prefer an opaque or crystal clear piece and we’ll be sure to create the perfect ice block for you.

Dry Ice

This unique product is famous for its peculiar properties. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and turns directly from a solid to a gas when it melts, producing a fog like effect. It is very effective for keeping items very cold for long periods of time. Consider using it for keeping traditional ice cold, maintaining items cold in a cooler for long periods of time or transporting items that may spoil otherwise. Dry ice is also popular for creating special effects in theatre or even for an event or party. Let us know how much dry ice you need and we’ll provide it to you quickly and safely.

Cube, Crushed and Cocktail Ice

Whether you need cubes, crushed or cocktail ice, Crystal Ice can help. We’ll get you the correct quantities of ice in the form that you need so that you can confidently plan your party or event. In addition, we serve businesses such as bars and restaurants by supplying our high quality ice in the variety of shapes and forms you require so that your customers are always impressed.

Ice Delivery

At Crystal Ice Company, we make reliability a priority. Our deliveries arrive on time so that your event or business runs smoothly. At Crystal Ice, we understand that a small delay can throw off your entire schedule and cost you the success of your gathering or even business from the clients you’re serving.

Crystal Ice avoids any delivery problems and can fulfill last minute ice orders by maintaining fully stocked ice docks at three locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area. This ensures that Alhambra residents and businesses can always be sure that standard ice products are at most a 90 minute delivery away. If you’re experiencing an emergency, just let us know and we’ll do everything within our power to deliver even more quickly.

Our ice delivery service is comprehensive for all products, including unloading, setup and testing of any displays or equipment. Additional special attention is given for our more delicate products including dry ice, snow production and ice sculptures.

Snow Productions

Do you need to create a winter scene in the middle of the summer? Crystal Ice is the company to call. Our professional snow productions can create an enchanting winter atmosphere at any time of year. To do this, we use artificial snow created by spraying water in a freezing chamber. We can even create differently sized snow flakes by varying the size of the water droplets being sprayed.

For those who enjoy snow in Alhambra, Crystal Ice can recreate the magic usually only found in colder climates for a special event, a winter themed party or just to enjoy the fun of making a snowman, going sledding or taking a seasonal photo shoot.

When creating your customized snow production, the sky’s the limit. Inform us how much snow you need and we’ll produce it for you. Then we can mimic snowfall to further enhance the experience. A wonderful time in the snow in southern California is possible with Crystal Ice.

Ice Sculptures

Stunning ice sculptures are impressive and beautiful works of art typically carved out of blocks of ice. In addition to adding beauty and intrigue to any event, they can also add function to keep items cool in a buffet or food display. Whether you’re planning a business event, birthday party, wedding or other celebration, an ice sculpture can be the perfect enhancement that will impress and delight your guests.

Choose from artistic sculptures or functional platters, bowls or fountains on which to serve delicious dishes. At Crystal Ice we have access to true sculpting masters who are experienced in this unique medium. Speak with our helpful staff about your preferences and specifications so that we may get to work producing a spectacular ice sculpture that exceeds your expectations.

Proudly Serving the City of Alhambra

The city of Alhambra holds some of Los Angeles County’s greatest historical homes. A large, bustling city within miles from the center of Los Angeles, Alhambra is an integral piece of this wonderful community. At Crystal Ice we’re honored to serve this great city along with the greater Los Angeles area.

Our family-owned company, founded in 1956, views the residents of Alhambra as neighbors and friends. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best services and products possible to this city so close to our hearts. Whatever your ice related needs, allow Crystal Ice to fulfill them and provide you with friendly, reliable service throughout the process. Give us a call for an estimate or delivery today!