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Ice: it probably isn’t something you give a lot of thought to, but here at Crystal Ice, we have made it our life’s work. We can offer you any type of ice you might need, from standard cubes to elaborate ice sculptures, and everything in between. Our products can save your food when the electric goes out, add something special to your next party, or help your restaurant stand out amongst the rest. And when you order from us, quality is assured and delivery is always on time.

Crystal Ice has been the trusted ice source for Agoura Hills and the Greater Los Angeles Area for more than six decades. During that time, we have filled millions of orders, helping clients prepare for events as small as backyard barbeques and as large as Hollywood galas. We also work with emergency and regularly scheduled clients to make sure everyone in the area is always taken care. When you work with Crystal Ice, you receive the industry best.

Ice Products

Ice is our business, and as such, we work hard to offer a wide variety of products to meet every possible need. You might not think that there could be that much variety in frozen water, and we hope you find yourself surprised by some of our offerings below.

Block Ice

This product is exactly what it sounds like: a large block of ice. Unlike cubes, it takes a long time for block ice to fully melt. Back before electric freezers and refrigerators existed, these blocks of ice were used to keep food frozen or cool—which is why you might sometimes hear refrigerators and freezers referred to as ice boxes. Now, ice blocks can be used to keep food on buffet lines cold, keeping food safe during outdoor events, and even used in the traditional manner should your electricity go out and you need to stop the food in your refrigerator and freezer from spoiling. Ice sculptors also use ice blocks to create their art. The smallest piece of block ice we offer is 25 pounds, and we offer larger sizes in 25 pound increments all the way up to 300 pounds. In addition to size, you can also specify the clarity you want the ice to have.

Dry Ice

Unlike other forms of ice, dry ice isn’t frozen water—it is frozen carbon dioxide gas. When it melts, it returns to its gas form, which is why it is often used in special effects. Dry ice is much colder than traditional ice, making it a great choice for keeping products cold for days at a time. It is also used in laboratories for scientific purposes. We offer large and small slabs of dry ice and can set it up for you, as it can be dangerous when handled improperly.

Cubed, Crushed, and Cocktail Ice

These types of ice are primarily used in drinks. If you have ever found yourself fascinated by a certain shape of ice, or prefer one type over another, you are no doubt familiar with these products. Cubed ice melts the slowest, but in terms of presentation, crushed and cocktail ice is often preferred. No matter what type of ice you need for your event, we will keep you well stocked with quality products that are sure to impress. We also can provide regular delivery of these products to restaurants and other venues.

Ice Delivery

Ice delivery is a time-sensitive job. Missing a delivery or arriving late can cause serious issues for restaurants, special events, and other venues. At the very least, it is inconvenient and annoying, which is bad enough.

Because we know what can happen when things go wrong, and because we take our work seriously, Crystal Ice is dedicated to delivering your ice products on time. We have three fully equipped docks placed throughout the Los Angeles area, which means we always have the products on hand and ready to deliver to you. Our average delivery time on most products—special requests excluded—is 90 minutes. Should you find yourself in an emergency, we can deliver the products even sooner.

In addition to delivering products, we also unload them, set the up, and can even train you on how to care for the products, which is especially important when dealing with dry ice.

Snow Productions

Snow in Agoura Hills? You bet! While we love all our products and services, this one is very special to us as it brings such joy to our customers. To create our snow, we force a filtered water mist through a blower that freezes it as it comes out. We can control how fluffy or wet the snow is, as well as the size of the flakes, allowing you to enjoy the exact winter wonderland experience you dream of. We create snow productions for many purposes, including holiday photos, fun days at schools, and even as surprises at home for transplants who miss the snow back home.

Ice Sculptures

These temporary works of art are a great way to help your event or business stand out. Any event can benefit from the inclusion of an ice sculpture, including banquets, weddings, charity events, and more. We can create decorative sculptures based on your specifications, as well as functional ones, such as serving bowls, shot glasses, or fountains.

Crystal Ice is able to fulfill even the most demanding sculpture plans. In addition to having the needed materials on hand at all times, we also work with the most talented ice carvers in the industry. No matter what you require, we can deliver it, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the result.

Proudly Serving the City of Agoura Hills

Crystal Ice has been family owned and operated since the 1950’s. Our roots in the Los Angeles area run deep, and we take incredible pride in serving this wonderful community. Our work always features a trademark blend of quality, care, and customer satisfaction. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer you and receive a free price quote on your order. We look forward to working with you.